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WebApp Placecall plugin

This is a plugin for the Zarafa WebApp enabling a user to originate phone calls to contacts or GAB entries from within the WebApp. In order to use this plugin you need to have a PBX like Asterisk or Freeswitch running. If this is the case this plugin works as follows: 1. from an address book e...

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2324 days ago

WebApp: the Dropbox plug-in

  Consider the following: you're on your holiday location, on some sunny beach in a country where the beaches are usually sunny and very warm. You forgot to turn off your phone this day, and suddenly it beeps because it received a text message. It's your boss. He writes: Please check...

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2489 days ago

WebApp: Global information

  When working with plugins, there will be times where you will be needing some globally available information. Consider the case where your plugin depends on a specific ZCP version, or you are integrating a third-party service into the WebApp which requires a username (which might be con...

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1883 days ago

WebApp: Translations in plugins

  So you have created a fantastic plugin that a lot of people want to use. Now you get people contacting you to ask if your plugin is available in their native language. The Zarafa WebApp uses GNU gettext to translate the strings to different languages. In this blog post, we asume that you ...

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2251 days ago

WebApp spam filter integration

  This is a plugin for the Zarafa WebApp enabling you to train you spam filter with SPAM and HAM. Usual setup is that the spam filter is integrated in your mail processing, classifies and tags incoming messages which then are routed via dagent, procmail or the like to the appropia...

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2486 days ago

WebApp: Twitter widget (twidget)

The Twitter widget ("Twidget") is the integration of the Zarafa WebApp and the infamous Twitter service. With the twidget activated, any mention to a twitter account in your e-mail is detected, and the latest post of this twitter account are presented to you for direct usage and status. I alway...

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2513 days ago

WebApp: How to Tell WebApp About Your Plugin

So you had a great idea for a WebApp plugin or widget, and started creating Javascript and possibly even some PHP files. Now you certainly need to make your cool plugin available for use in WebApp. It will not do this by itself; so you need to register your plugin into the WebApp Plugin Framework...

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2251 days ago

WebApp: Managing settings

In the previous blog post, we described how plugins can offer the user some settings to configure the plugin's behavior.  However, we then focused only on adding new user interface components to the Settings interface. In this blogpost then, we will go deeper into working with settings, and ...

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2251 days ago

WebApp: Create new Category in Settings Context

  At some point in the development of a plug-in, you'll likely want to allow the user to configure something. If you are creating a widget, then that process is explained in detail in the WebApp Developers' Manual:

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2251 days ago

WebApp: creating a custom dialog

  Last week, we have shown how to find where WebApp can be extended. This week, we will give an example on actually extending functionality by adding a custom-made dialog. Dialogs are an important part in the application. When you are creating an email, appointment, a contact or when openin...

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2251 days ago