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Integrates privacyIDEA via radius authentication using Yubikey OTPs.

Tags: privacyidea, 2fa, yubikey, webapp

1572 days ago

Google2FA - WebApp two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator

(Deutsch siehe weiter unten) The Zarafa/Kopano WebApp Plugin Google2FA allows the use of Google two-factor authentication with the free Google Authenticator App (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone) in conjunction with the WebApp application. The two-factor authentication provides an a...

Tags: Zarafa, Kopano, WebApp, Plugin, Google2FA, two-factor, authentication, Zwei-Faktor, Authentifizierung, Verification, verify, Verifizierung, Authenticator, Google, protection, Sicherheit, Code, two-way, 2-Faktor, 2-factor, 2-Wege, Zwei-Wege, Login, Anmeldung, password, Passwort

1115 days ago

Zarafa Web Meetings Release Candidate 1

Great news today! We have just uploaded the Zarafa Web Meetings source-files to the COMMUNITY site. This is the first public release of the Web Meetings extension for Zarafa WebApp. We would like to invite you to build and run your own packages.   What is Zarafa Web Meetings?   Zar...

Tags: zarafa, webapp, plugin, open-source

2096 days ago

WebApp IMAP Importer

The IMAP Importer plugin presents a simple user-interface to the user to ease the migration of a mailbox to Zarafa.The plugin needs a backend service that does the actual migration. This service is available on github. The plugin configuration needs to point to the url of the running backend serv...

Tags: email, import, imap, webapp, plugin

2560 days ago

First BETA of WebApp 1.5 has arrived

This release is an beta which does not include the package source files. The source filles will be provided at a later date. Feedback on this BETA is highly appreciated and will simply improve the product. You can drop your feedback here. Please do remember; this is a BETA product which also mean...

Tags: webapp, release

2592 days ago

WebApp Contact Importer

With this plugin, you can import vcards directly within the Zarafa Webapp. The plugin also handles multiple vcards in one file. Future plans: import of csv files export to csv and vcard If you like my plugin, think about donating some bucks to help the development.

Tags: vcard, vcf, importer, import, webapp, contacts, addressbook

2460 days ago

WebApp 1.4 alpha released

The WebApp 1.4 alpha has arrived! We want to give you an update on some new exciting WebApp features in this 1.4 alpha release. In this post, you'll also find a download link and the ability to provide feedback .   Important note: This release is an alpha, it does not include the package ...

Tags: webapp, alpha, 1.4

2742 days ago

WebApp: iCal Im/Exporter, Version 2.0 released

  Hello everyone! Today I have released Version 2.0.1 of my Calendarimporter-Plugin.  This is mostly a bugfix release with a few new features. One of the new features is, that you can now import calendars that are attached to an mail directly! This functiony is available for files wi...

Tags: webapp, calendar, importer, exporter, plugin, ical

2782 days ago

WebApp 1.3 API changes

'About' text Perhaps the most visible change for plug-in developers is that each plug-in now has its own 'about' text. This text appears in the 'about' section of Settings. For widgets, it can also be seen separately when a user clicks on the 'about' button in the widget's header. This butto...

Tags: webapp, api, milestone, changes, new, improvements

2902 days ago

WebApp: Removing unwanted recipient suggestions

  Every time user sends an email, WebApp maintains history of the used email addresses for suggestion purposes. All collected addresses are available as suggestions while the user is trying to fill address fields like “TO” and “CC” while creating, replying to or fo...

Tags: webapp, development, suggestion-list

2831 days ago