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Zarafa Outlook & Webaccess SSO with Samba4

Zarafa Outlook & Webaccess SSO with Samba4 Because there was no public documentation about Samba4 and Zarafa SSO available I did some research on my own and wrote this documentation. Have fun, any comments, suggestions and improvements are welcome! Assumptions Samba4 ...

Tags: samba4, sso, single sign on, outlookl, webaccess

2758 days ago

conceptERP Zarafa Plugin

conceptERP is an opensource ERP system for production and service companies. This plugin for Zarafa allowes an easy way to store eMails from any Zarafa-Mailfolder in the conceptERP Content-Module. The eMails are stored as content-entry in conceptERP. conceptERP automatically assigns contacts f...

Tags: concepterp, mail, email, webaccess, erp

2870 days ago

Firefox app tab notifier

This extension allows webpages that have been pinned as app-tabs to get the user's attention. This happens in an OS-specific way; windows will 'flash' the taskbar item a few times and leave it 'blue' after that. Linux and MacOS X do similar things. The user is notified in two instances: - When ...

Tags: webapp, webaccess, firefox

2820 days ago

White theme

License:  AGPLv3 Compatible Zarafa versions:  All

Tags: webaccess, theme

3441 days ago

Dark theme

License:  AGPLv3 Compatible Zarafa versions:  All Download:  dark.tar_.gz Screenshots:  Maintainer:  Guy van Sanden

Tags: webaccess, theme

3441 days ago

Orange theme

License:  AGPLv3 Compatible Zarafa versions:  all Maintainer:Axel Remus < axel.remus [at] >

Tags: webaccess, theme

3441 days ago

Passwd Plugin

Just copy the passwd folder from the archive to the Webaccess Plugin Folder. Afterwards in case necesssary please adapt the dialog/pwdchange.php file according your needs. Currently German and English language are supported. Please send the maintainer your translations to have them integrated...

Tags: webaccess, passwd, password chage

3414 days ago

Z-Merge Archive

Integration:  The Z-Merge Archive plugin sends an e-mail from the Zarafa Webaccess as RFC2822 message to other systems. For SugarCRM ZMA uses the Z-Merge SugarCRM Plugin Benefits:  Easy integration into the Webaccess. No programming necessary inside the Webaccess cod...

Tags: webaccess, z-merge, archive

3441 days ago

Zarafa/Jira Integration

Zarafa2Jira is a Zarafa webaccess plugin which uses the Z-Merge plugin framework. The context menu of a right click on an e-mail will be extended. You will see a new option "Create Jira Issue" and after clicking a new dialog window will open. Now you only need to select the project within Jir...

Tags: webaccess, jira

3441 days ago

Alfresco integration

From the Zarafa Webaccess you can easily archive your email attachments to the Alfresco workspace. When writing new emails it's also possible to add an attachment from the Alfresco workspace into the email message. The integration doesn't require any changes in your Alfesco system and is bas...

Tags: webaccess, alfresco, dms

3388 days ago