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Upgrade Guide: Zarafa 7.1 and Univention Corporate Server 3.1

With Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 3.1 the installation of Zarafa becomes easier than before. The latest release of UCS provides Univention App Center, an easy, secure and uniform way to install software solutions on this enterprise Linux distribution with its sophisticated webbased managemen...

Tags: zarafa4ucs, univention, zarafa integration, ldap

2811 days ago

Very positive feedback for the »Linux Solution Day 2012«

"A really (!) successful event!": We received this and many similar positive responses from the participants of the Linux Solution Day 2012 (8th November 2012 in Osnabrück, Germany), which was presented by LWsystems toghether with the support of its partners Zarafa, Univention, ownCloud and ...

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2891 days ago

Alpha Version of zarafa4ucs packages for Zarafa 7

During the Zarafa SummerCamp 2011 we finished the first (alpha) version of zarafa4ucs packages compatible with the new Zarafa 7. Currently we're discussing the best way of distributing the packages. Currently they're _not_ in our repository at but if you ...

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3407 days ago