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Results of the 48 hour feature run @Summercamp 2012

As announced by Brian Joseph in his keynote speech, Zarafa has implemented several of the most promising ideas that were brought in by Summercamp visitors live onsite. The following projects were picked up in this 48 hour feature run: WebApp SugarCRM integration for WebApp: thi...

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2952 days ago

WebApp community input during Summercamp

We are 2 weeks before Summercamp and daily got still many registration, so just like previous 5 years i think it will be again a great event. Not only new innovations will be presented during the event, also many community members join together to share ideas, projects and have fun.About the Zara...

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3064 days ago

Z-Push: advanced debugging Sebastian Kummer

A small introduction on how to properly debug Z-Push and what problems to expect with certain (old) versions.

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3406 days ago

How to work with the Zarafa Community Hub

A small presentation about the Zarafa Community Hub

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3406 days ago

Community Sessions at Zarafa SummerCamp 2011

This years Zarafa SummerCamp has started this morning in Kerkrade NL. On friday there will be an extensive Community Session starting at 15 o'clock featuring talks on different topics around the Zarafa community. We are very proud to have many talks from different distributions and individual co...

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3411 days ago