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Max Siegrist

Skills: it solutioneer - consultant, security, messaging, cloud operation

1542 days ago

Securing WebApp

While we take care that the WebApp contains no programming flaws that can reduce security, there are a few things that you, as system administrator, can do to improve security. The most obvious one is to only allow access to WebApp when using SSL, but there is more. For this article, we will assu...

Tags: webapp, security, ssl, apache

2664 days ago

Zarafa fail2ban integration

On many Zarafa installations it is possible to access mail from external IPs by using port forwarding or dmz setups. If you watch your logs, you'll most probably find some brute force attacks on imap, pop3 or other ports which is not only very annoying, it is a security risk if a user has a weak ...

Tags: zarafa, fail2ban, security

2922 days ago