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ZCP 7.2.2 beta 2 is available!

...oved IMAP RFC conformance of Zarafa Gateway Anti-loop improvements: Added more Anti-loop headers for Exchange and Vacation-Mails Military-grade security: Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellma...

1491 days ago

ZCP 7.1.14 final is available

...ince the ZCP 7.1.14 RC1. This change was needed due to an outdated FCK-editor in WebAccess. This FCK-editor in the previous releases contained a security vulnerability. More informati...

1622 days ago


ESET Mail Security & Zarafa 7 infrastructure Integration

Using ESET Mail Security to provide antispam and antimalware for Zarafa

Donny Maasland 2962 days ago


Google Authenticator integration for WebAccess / WebApp

This project describes how to use the Google soft-token authentication system together with Zarafa WebAccess and/or WebApp.

Mark Sartor 2833 days ago


Max Siegrist

Skills: it solutioneer - consultant, security, messaging, cloud operation

1543 days ago

Securing WebApp

While we take care that the WebApp contains no programming flaws that can reduce security, there are a few things that you, as system administrator, can do to improve security. The most obvious one is to only allow access to WebApp when using SSL, but there is more. For this article, we will assu...

Tags: webapp, security, ssl, apache

2665 days ago


Comment on "Securing WebApp"

...ertificate does not increase the security on a technical level at all...., which does not really increase security. If you suggest official SSL...r evaluate HTTP Strict Transport Security alternatively to "SSLRequireS...m (library, service or similar) security issue, however, securing WebA...

2662 days ago