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Zarafa Outlook & Webaccess SSO with Samba4

Zarafa Outlook & Webaccess SSO with Samba4 Because there was no public documentation about Samba4 and Zarafa SSO available I did some research on my own and wrote this documentation. Have fun, any comments, suggestions and improvements are welcome! Assumptions Samba4 ...

Tags: samba4, sso, single sign on, outlookl, webaccess

2758 days ago

Integration of Zarafa Active Directory Schema Extensions for Samba4

With the script you can apply the Zarafa Active Directory Schema Extensions to a Samba4 Active Directory server and then run your Zarafa server in Active Directory mode. Useradministration will then be done on a joined Windows 7 workstation that has the Windows Remote Ser...

Tags: active directory, samba4, schemaextensions

3077 days ago

LDAP Account Manager Pro integration

LAM Pro manages Zarafa users, groups and server entries. It is possible to create multiple accounts at once via file upload. It is possible to setup default values (e.g. for e-mail quota) and all entries may be exported as PDF files. All Zarafa attributes can be managed. This includes e-mail...

Tags: user management, ldap, samba4

2665 days ago