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ZCP 7.2.4 RC2 is available to address more memleaks

Hi community,Last week, we pulled the ZCP 7.2.2 and ZCP 7.2.3 releases because they contained memory leaks, which could lead to instability issues. Our tests and positive feedback fro...

1568 days ago

ZCP 7.2.3 final is available!

...version of ZCP is the ideal foundation for use with our other upcoming releases, such as Zarafa WebApp, We therefore recommend the upgrade to 7.2.3 for the upcoming final releases, like WebApp 2.2 and DeskApp...

1653 days ago


Synology Zarafa in a Box

This project provides SPK Packages for easy installing Zarafa on Synology NAS via Docker or Debian Chroot

vbettag 1782 days ago


Zarafa WebApp

Next generation web interface for Zarafa

Ivo Timmermans 3411 days ago


ZCP 7.1.8 FINAL has been shipped!

Hello community, May I have a couple minutes of your time? I would like to show you our latest and final 7.1.8 release. The few minor wrinkles in the last couple of release candidates have been carefully ironed out. The final stamp of approval by the QA team means that we may proceed with the la...

Tags: releases, zcp

2341 days ago

ZCP 7.1.8 RC release notification

Good afternoon partners, customers and friends, Let me start off by wishing you a happy new year on behalf of everybody at Zarafa. Next on my list: the release candidate of 7.1.8. I would like to show you what you can expect in this successor of the BETA3 (that was released at the end of last ye...

Tags: releases, zcp, rc

2463 days ago


Comment on "Securing WebApp"

...h. Zarafa will work like a charm with SELinux enabled in e.g. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6 (respectively also CentOS) and all current Fedora releases (like Fedora 14+). There is n...

2874 days ago