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Installation instructions: Install Apache, PHP5, PHP-MAPI, ant; Extract the source; Run "ant deploy"; Expose the "deploy" directory using apache; Edit "config.php.dist" to match your settings and save it to "config.php". Enjoy!

3491 days ago

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After all the summercamp stress is over, we will have a look if we can provide built packages, so you don't have to compile it yourself. For the moment the WebApp is more a p...

3490 days ago

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@1of16 That error.txt is a php setting on your server and should iirc be located in the websites root folder.

3476 days ago

Comment on "Zarafa WebApp" apache to your extracted project folder. In debug.php you must then change the definition of DEBUG_LOADER to LOAD_SOURCE:   define("DEBUG_LOADER", LOAD_SOURCE); This will make the WebApp...

3475 days ago

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...wrapper deletes the old Bricklevel Backup every first of the month and forces a full backup via duply, the rest of the month an incremental backup is forced. The MySQL Backup is done...

3425 days ago

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I use xtrabackup to create full MySQL database backups of my zarafa community version.

3419 days ago

Comment on "[Question?] How do you backup your Zarafa installation?" difficult. We still try to do both nightly.  The good part about the large sites is, that they're likely to have e-mail archiving in place. Continous e-mail archiving helps a lot with the 'u...

3417 days ago

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Please keep in mind that the licensed can only run on x86 architectures.It's still not possible to run the licensed by using the steps on ARM, Sparc or other non-x86 architectures.

3362 days ago

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In the meantime, I am safely back at home here in Germany again. It was an awesome FUDCon in India and with more than 400 attendees over 3 days the largest one that h...

3355 days ago

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The RedHat & Debian packages have a dependency on php-mapi version 7.1, this package version isn't public yet.  This dependency problem will be addressed in the next release (expected March, 13th).  However, you can still install from the source package instead.

3242 days ago