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Cool Scripts and Tools - Automated spam processing with python-zarafa and

A few weeks ago we introduced python-zarafa. This new API allows you to easily create Python scripts that interact with a Zarafa server and its data. Today we are going to show you, a Python script consisting of only 80 lines of code that owes its simplicity t...

Tags: spam, python, python-zarafa

1610 days ago

Python-zarafa: high-level Python bindings for Zarafa

As mentioned in my previous blog post New search using Xapian and Python, we are using Python more and more at Zarafa. For example, ZWS, the new Xapian-based search prototype, our internal testing framework and many custom system administration scripts are written in Python. The main advanta...

Tags: python, xapian, awesomeness, mapi

1696 days ago

Simple Zarafa Inbox Viewer

This project is meant to be educational, therefore it contains only a small Python script which shows the content of a Zarafa inbox.   The code demonstrates how Python can connect to the Zarafa server and retrieve data. Hopefully this sample will be useful to you if you want to develop new...

Tags: Zarafa, Python, Shell, Inbox, educational, example

2291 days ago

MBox / Maildir importer

Crude import script. Saves all messages found in an mbox file or maildir to a subfolder of the inbox of a given user. Needs the python-progressbar package.

Tags: python, mail, import

2707 days ago