Projects matching "protection"


F-Secure antivirus and antispam integration for Zarafa

Integrating F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper with Zarafa to provide malware and antispam scanning.

F-Secure 2682 days ago


Arkeia Backup integration

Arkeia Software was the first company to offer a professional network backup solution for Linux environments.

Zarafa User 3224 days ago


ESET Mail Security & Zarafa 7 infrastructure Integration

Using ESET Mail Security to provide antispam and antimalware for Zarafa

Donny Maasland 2927 days ago


MailID cryptography integration

MailID encrypts and decrypts your incoming and outgoing email and can even sign the outgoing email.

Zarafa User 3224 days ago


Google2FA - WebApp two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator

The Zarafa/Kopano WebApp Plugin Google2FA allows the use of Google two-factor authentication with the free Google Authenticator App (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone) in conjunction with the WebApp application.

Norman 1541 days ago