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Google2FA - WebApp two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator

(Deutsch siehe weiter unten) The Zarafa/Kopano WebApp Plugin Google2FA allows the use of Google two-factor authentication with the free Google Authenticator App (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone) in conjunction with the WebApp application. The two-factor authentication provides an a...

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1021 days ago

Zarafa Web Meetings Release Candidate 1

Great news today! We have just uploaded the Zarafa Web Meetings source-files to the COMMUNITY site. This is the first public release of the Web Meetings extension for Zarafa WebApp. We would like to invite you to build and run your own packages.   What is Zarafa Web Meetings?   Zar...

Tags: zarafa, webapp, plugin, open-source

2002 days ago

WebApp IMAP Importer

The IMAP Importer plugin presents a simple user-interface to the user to ease the migration of a mailbox to Zarafa.The plugin needs a backend service that does the actual migration. This service is available on github. The plugin configuration needs to point to the url of the running backend serv...

Tags: email, import, imap, webapp, plugin

2466 days ago

WebApp: iCal Im/Exporter, Version 2.0 released

  Hello everyone! Today I have released Version 2.0.1 of my Calendarimporter-Plugin.  This is mostly a bugfix release with a few new features. One of the new features is, that you can now import calendars that are attached to an mail directly! This functiony is available for files wi...

Tags: webapp, calendar, importer, exporter, plugin, ical

2688 days ago

WebApp: Owncloud Plugin

  Hello everybody, as I saw the Dropbox plugin, I thought that something like this should be available for owncloud too.   The plugin uses the webdav server of owncloud for file operations between zarafa and owncloud. Its interface for attaching a file to a new...

Tags: owncloud, webapp, zarafa, plugin

2881 days ago

WebApp: Translating a plugin

With the recent release of WebApp 1.2, we have been a bit slow in publishing blog posts in this series. From the community of WebApp developers, we have received feedback (big thanks to Christof!) about the fuzziness of the available information on translating plugins. In one of our previous blog...

Tags: zarafa, webapp, development, plugin, translation

2737 days ago

WebApp: Change in the user interface classes

Up until now, with WebApp 1.1 as the last version, most content was put in windows. From a user's perspective, this meant that you could not (or only through workarounds) refer to e.g. a calendar appointment while you were replying to an e-mail. With the recent WebApp 1.2 previews (with 1.2.svn36...

Tags: webapp, development, plugin, api, refactor

2737 days ago

WebApp: The Feedback plugin

Since a few weeks, there is a plugin that adds a "Feedback?" button at the top of the WebApp user interface. This button helps us, Zarafa, to understand the needs of our users. In this blog post, we will show what happens when you click it. About two months ago, we upgraded our installation of...

Tags: webapp, plugin, development, feedback, jira, process

2955 days ago

WebApp: Widgets

Although plugins allow you to integrate new functionality into the WebApp, showing the user some information in a simple UI component in the 'Zarafa' tab or sidebar on the right might be quite useful as well. Think for example about the "Today's Appointments", "Facebook" or "Clock" widgets. Even ...

Tags: webapp, plugin, development, widgets

2370 days ago

WebApp: Notifying the user

WebApp offers various ways of notifying the user that something has happened. It uses this, for example, to tell that it's currently sending the e-mail. In this case, the message is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, but by contrast, the notification that your browser is not supported is ...

Tags: zarafa, webapp, development, plugin, notifiers

2737 days ago