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Comment on "7.0.0 Final Released"

Zarafa 7.0.0 is already available in Fedora 14 and 15 as well as in Fedora EPEL 5 and 6 (for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6) via the "testing" repository. More informat...

3495 days ago

Comment on "Zarafa WebApp"

Gave it a try today (webapp-27914). WebApp started just fine in Opera and IE but displays only "loading..." in FF. FF is 5.0 with Java Platform SE 6 U25 I get...

3485 days ago

Comment on "WebApp OwnCloud attachment plug-in"

I used your plugin before with my old server and it worked great, but with my new server, zarafa 7.1.4 and owncloud 5 both with ldap support, I get an error (nginx log):...

2852 days ago

Comment on "WebApp Ical Calendar Importer"

Since Zarafa Webapp 2.2.0 final i get an Http 500 Internal Server Error pop up when trying to import / open ical file is there a fix for that rg christian

1708 days ago