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Comment on "Zarafa WebApp"

...Java libraries (?) (Java-related RPM packages that come with "yum install ant" on a Java-free Fedora system) in order to get "ant deploy" run. The only positive thing is, that the...

3412 days ago

Comment on "Zarafa WebApp"

...moment the WebApp is more a preview for developers who want to integrate plugins with it.BTW without compiling it, you can still check it out. It's only slower.

3412 days ago

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...ting this tar.gz as the permissions on folders are incorrect. Also currently there are still some issues using this with Zarafa 6.40, I advise to only use it with 7.00 for now as...

3411 days ago

Comment on "Zarafa WebApp"

I downloaded the latest tar-file but unfortunatly the webapp won't start. I am able to log in but then it stalls on "Loading Zarafa Webapp..". What I found in the...

3408 days ago

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...ay (webapp-27914). WebApp started just fine in Opera and IE but displays only "loading..." in FF. FF is 5...5 I get no error in the browser however. In debug.txt I find only this lines: [07-Jul-2011 10...

3403 days ago

Comment on "Zarafa WebApp" admin, the loading problem of Firefox 5 is a bit weird, basicallly the problem is that there is a bug in the loading process which apparently is only fired when using the "deploy...

3396 days ago

Comment on "Alpha Version of zarafa4ucs packages for Zarafa 7"

New packages are available for download at:

3341 days ago

Comment on "[Question?] How do you backup your Zarafa installation?"

...customers in addition is an encrypted offsite backup. There we run the backup through gpg and copy it to a different geo-location, of course, this only works if there is enough ban...

3339 days ago

Comment on "Running the Zarafa-licensed on any Linux system"

Please keep in mind that the licensed can only run on x86 architectures.It's still not possible to run the licensed by using the steps on ARM, Sparc or other non-x86 architectures.

3283 days ago

Comment on "New WebApp package available"

Hello, i just tested the WebApp on the tip from Felix Kronlage on the OpenRheinRuhr, and i must say it looks really nice. I will test it a few weeks to give some deeper feedback.

3273 days ago