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ZCP 7.2.5 beta 1 is available

...ware on Ubuntu 16.04 we would advise you to migrate to Kopano Core, where Ubuntu 16.04 packages are already available in beta phase. Where can I download this new version? The new...

1506 days ago

ZCP 7.2.4 final is available; resolving stability issues

Hi,A few weeks ago the downloads for ZCP versions 7.2.2 and 7.2.3 have been r...tly and help us solve this matter.Where can I download this new version?The new packages are available via our download server. As always we appre...

1562 days ago


O3Spaces integration

The O3Spaces Zarafa web client integration helps you capture relevant incoming e-mails and archive them in the apropriate (team, project, or department) workspaces.

Zarafa User 3472 days ago


SugarCRM integration

SugarCRM is an Costumer-Relationship-Management system.

Manfred Kutas 3472 days ago


Ivo Timmermans

Location: delft, nl

2676 days ago


Comment on "Zarafa WebApp"

...Java libraries (?) (Java-related RPM packages that come with "yum install ant" on a Java-free Fedora system) in order to get "ant deploy" run. The only positive thing is, that the...

3412 days ago

Comment on "Zarafa WebApp"

...moment the WebApp is more a preview for developers who want to integrate plugins with it.BTW without compiling it, you can still check it out. It's only slower.

3412 days ago