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iOS 7 meeting request hijacking

Hello all, in the last weeks we had several reports that using iOS 7, an issue, which iOS presented last year, came back. It is the so called "Meeting organizer hijacking" bug. It means that a meeting attendee suddenly turns into the meeting organizer and is able to send updates and cancellation...

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2516 days ago

iOS 6 meeting 'hijacking' and Z-Push 2.0.5 RC release

Yesterday we posted a technical blog post about the iOS 6 meeting 'hijacking' issue. Using iOS 6 in some cases an attendee can "take over" a meeting and send meeting cancellations to all other attendees. Read the full story at the Zarafa technical blog. We have just released Z-Push 2.0.5 RC whic...

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2905 days ago

Z-Push 2.0.4 final released (important)

We have just released 2.0.4 final which contains an important fix related to meeting requests. We recommend the immediate update, as all meeting requests accepted or edited with 2.0.3 result in a wrong organizer which has major impact on the calendar and future actions. More information is avai...

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2912 days ago