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Python-zarafa: high-level Python bindings for Zarafa

As mentioned in my previous blog post New search using Xapian and Python, we are using Python more and more at Zarafa. For example, ZWS, the new Xapian-based search prototype, our internal testing framework and many custom system administration scripts are written in Python. The main advanta...

Tags: python, xapian, awesomeness, mapi

1696 days ago

WebApp Search Changes

In recent iterations of the WebApp search, we decided to make it more developer-friendly. Constructing a search restriction was complicated by the fact that there were multiple ways of referring to MAPI properties. How it works Zarafa search conforms to MAPI; search terms are defined in the ...

Tags: webapp, search, api, restrictions, mapi, properties

2099 days ago

WebApp: Recipient properties

Whenever we need to show the email address and display name of a receiver/sender, we tend to forget some corner cases which actually changes the meaning of these email properties. This is especially important when dealing with delegation, in which cases the meaning of various "standard" propertie...

Tags: webapp, mapi, development, properties, delegates

2099 days ago