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conceptERP Zarafa Plugin

conceptERP is an opensource ERP system for production and service companies. This plugin for Zarafa allowes an easy way to store eMails from any Zarafa-Mailfolder in the conceptERP Content-Module. The eMails are stored as content-entry in conceptERP. conceptERP automatically assigns contacts f...

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2902 days ago

MBox / Maildir importer

Crude import script. Saves all messages found in an mbox file or maildir to a subfolder of the inbox of a given user. Needs the python-progressbar package.

Tags: python, mail, import

3355 days ago


A new extension to integrate the Zarafa Collaboration Platform mail storage the with the Dovecot IMAP server.With this extension Zarafa admins can setup their Zarafa server to use the Dovecot IMAP server as an IMAP cache  for users that need to access their e-mail via IMAP with very high per...

Tags: Zarafa, mail, e-mail, IMAP, dovecot

3463 days ago