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WebApp IMAP Importer

The IMAP Importer plugin presents a simple user-interface to the user to ease the migration of a mailbox to Zarafa.The plugin needs a backend service that does the actual migration. This service is available on github. The plugin configuration needs to point to the url of the running backend serv...

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2472 days ago


We released two PHP scripts to migrate contacts and appointments from an EGroupware database to Zarafa: These scripts are reading the information directly from an existing EGroupware database, and export contacts and appointments into CSV and ICS files. These files are formatted in a way so they...

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2459 days ago

WebApp Contact Importer

With this plugin, you can import vcards directly within the Zarafa Webapp. The plugin also handles multiple vcards in one file. Future plans: import of csv files export to csv and vcard If you like my plugin, think about donating some bucks to help the development.

Tags: vcard, vcf, importer, import, webapp, contacts, addressbook

2372 days ago

WebApp Ical Calendar Importer

This plugin allows you to import and export Ical files directly in WebApp. So there is no need for curl anymore! You can choose the calender into which you want to import your ics file. If you do not want to import all events, just select those you want.   Since version 1.2 you can manuall...

Tags: webapp, ical, calendar, ics, import, export, webapp, ical, calendar, ics, import, export

2359 days ago

Csv2contacts with export feature

The export feature uses the same mapping that is used for imports. Thus you can easily modify and reimport files resulting from exports. The mapping proposed in the script fits for addressbook exports from the Thunderbird mail client but it can be changed. Some minor changes for imports: ...

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2845 days ago

MBox / Maildir importer

Crude import script. Saves all messages found in an mbox file or maildir to a subfolder of the inbox of a given user. Needs the python-progressbar package.

Tags: python, mail, import

3352 days ago