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New Zarafa Mail Checker for Firefox

The Zarafa Mail Checker is a small add-on for the Firefox webbrowser, which was developed internally some years ago. As the initial developer isn't with Zarafa anymore internal development has stopped and it is unfortunately not compatible with recent versions of Firefox. But thanks to the commu...

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2981 days ago

Firefox app tab notifier

This extension allows webpages that have been pinned as app-tabs to get the user's attention. This happens in an OS-specific way; windows will 'flash' the taskbar item a few times and leave it 'blue' after that. Linux and MacOS X do similar things. The user is notified in two instances: - When ...

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2603 days ago

Zarafa WebAccess - S/MIME plugin

Integration:  The Zarafa WebAccess S/MIME plugins allows you to send and receive signed and encrypted emails. The plugin is supported for Firefox browsers on Windows and Linux desktops. The plugin allows you to: - Receiving encrypted messages - Verifying signed messages - Sending enc...

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3224 days ago