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Google2FA - WebApp two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator

(Deutsch siehe weiter unten) The Zarafa/Kopano WebApp Plugin Google2FA allows the use of Google two-factor authentication with the free Google Authenticator App (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone) in conjunction with the WebApp application. The two-factor authentication provides an a...

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997 days ago

Google Authenticator integration for WebAccess / WebApp

    Introduction Google delivers a soft token application which can be freely downloaded for Android, iOS and Blackberry devices. Go to the store of your mobile device and just download the app Google Authenticator. With Google Authenticator you are able to secure various servi...

Tags: google, otp, one-time-password, authentication

2912 days ago

Yubikey Zarafa authentication integration

  The Zarafa Yubikey integration will extend the Zarafa WebAccess with two factor authentication. Next to the default username and password authentication, a OTP (One Time Password) generated on the Yubikey is checked against the Yubikey authentication servers. A Yubikey is a cheap usb de...

Tags: yubico, yubikey, authentication, zarafa

2958 days ago