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This project provides QPKG Packages for easy installing Zarafa on QNAP NAS

Full description:

This QPKG allows to install Zarafa easily over the QNAP Webadministration Interface.The package includes the current Zarafa Community Edition, postfix and fetchmail.

Currently the QPKG is in BETA status.

If you like this project, then please donate to support it.

Thanks to Zarafa for the support!


The author recommends using a different release of this plugin!

Release notes:

0.5.0 [ARM-x19]- contains Zarafa ZCP 7.0.3 / Z-Push 1.5.5 / licensed / postfix 2.8.7 / fetchmail 6.3.21

  • updated to zarafa ZCP 7.0.3
  • added postfix and fetchmail to QPKG - see important notes below
  • /etc/ will be modified to include /opt/lib (fixed bug that zarafa-admin and postfix will not work)
  • fixed owner bug
  • fixed "Zarafa was started even when QPKG is disabled"

Postfix/Fetchmail information

  • This is the first QPKG with postfix integration (therefore it is in a early stage)
  • remove postfix/fetchmail if installed via optware with "ipkg remove postfix fetchmail"
  • A user postfix and group postdrop are created during installation. Please change the password of the postfix user!
  • /etc/postfix/ sendmail_path has to be changed to /usr/sbin/sendmail-postfix 
  • To enable postfix and fetchmail edit the file /etc/init.d/ and change POSTFIX_ENABLED="FALSE" or FETCHMAIL_ENABLED="FALSE" to TRUE
  • It is planned to provide postfix.admin webinterface and also a webinterface to enable / disable the services
  • All configuration files are located in /etc/postfix or /etc/fetchmail
  • I will add some wiki entries in the near future

Known issues:

  • You have to adjust the root password of the mysql database if you changed it. (/etc/zarafa/server.cfg)
  • [ARM-x19] missing licensed due to availability
  • [ARM-x19] zarafa-ical is not working
  • after the first install (optware and zarafa) without reboot, it is possible that you get errors like (cannot found lib...) - Simply reboot qnap
  • postfix warning messages at startup
  • Startup scripts need some cleanup



I want to download this package, but it does not work, I only get redirected to the main page. How can I load this?



CameLeon 2749 days ago

i have the same problem..

save as doesn't work either

webblaster 2747 days ago

The download should be available again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Felix Bartels 2746 days ago