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  • Updated: 2012-6-25
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This project provides QPKG Packages for easy installing Zarafa on QNAP NAS

Full description:

This QPKG allows to install Zarafa easily over the QNAP Webadministration Interface.The package includes the current Zarafa Community Edition, postfix and fetchmail.

Currently the QPKG is in BETA status.

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Thanks to Zarafa for the support!


The author recommends using a different release of this plugin!

Release notes:

0.4.8 [x86]

Known issues:

  • You have to adjust the root password of the mysql database if you changed it. (/etc/zarafa/server.cfg)
  • [ARM-x19] missing licensed due to availability
  • [ARM-x19] zarafa-ical is not working

Changelog 0.4.8

  • [x86] fixed licensed failure when postfix is installed

Changelog 0.4.7

  • [x86] integration of licensed => You can use up to 3 User with full Outlook support
  • Enabled localization support: (DE/FR/IT/NL) locale will be installed.
  • webaccess shows in all layers the selected language
  • Restarting Zarafa will only restart apache if needed
  • Public store is created at first startup
  • Logging of startup/shutdown to QNAP eventlog
  • [ARM-x19] Initial release (contains all features of x86 version except licensed and ical)