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Enable mobile phones to sync with the ZCP

Full description:

Z-Push is an implementation of Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol which is used 'over-the-air' for multi platform active sync devices, including Windows Mobile and active sync used on Apple's iPhone, Androids, Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones.

Open source Z-Push enables any PHP-based groupware package to become fully syncable with any ActiveSync-compliant device.



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Release notes:

Hi all,

today we have released the Z-Push 2.1.2 beta version (build 1796).

Important notes

This release fixes several processing issues.

Android 4.4 devices are now able to open emails and attachments.

A rare issue that meeting attendees are twice on iOS devices also has been fixed.

LG Android devices should now be able to sync using Z-Push.

A new webservice interface to list all existing users and devices on a Z-Push host was introduced.

It can be used by administration interfaces to provide mobile management functionality.

More information about this interface, can be found at:

This feature is disabled by default.

Changes since Z-Push 2.1.1:

New features

[ZP-462] - Enhance Z-Push webservice api to give list of users


[ZP-467] - Process ItemOperations:Schema tag

[ZP-477] - Interpret WindowsSize of 0 as 512

[ZP-481] - Empty Supported tag breaks synchronization

[ZP-493] - Z-Push state version file is broken

[ZP-494] - LG-D802 stops syncing after Settings command


[ZP-489] - Attendee of MR is duplicated

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Z-Push dev team