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  • Updated: 2013-4-25
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Next generation web interface for Zarafa

Full description:

This project is the successor to the existing Zarafa WebAccess.  The WebApp can run in parallel with the Zarafa WebAccess on ZCP 7.0 and 7.1 releases.


The WebApp user manual is published online in either HTML or PDF format.

We welcome any end-user questions and/or feedback in the WebApp users forum:


Plug-in developers

Developer API-documentation can be found on: , and a developer manual is available from (with a PDF version at

Questions and feedback on third-party plugin development are welcome on our WebApp development forum: .

Package installation:

Debian and rpm packages of the WebApp can be found on Please use ZCP 7.0.10 or 7.1.1 for these packages, as there are some fixes done in the php-mapi package.

Source compilation instructions: 

  1. Install Apache, PHP5, PHP-MAPI, ant (1.7 or 1.8), Java 6;
  2. Extract the source;
  3. Run "ant deploy";
  4. Expose the "deploy" directory using apache;
  5. Edit "config.php.dist" to match your settings and save it to "config.php". 

Release notes:

Great news!

After extensive testing and bug fixing, the WebApp 1.4 final has arrived!

In this release we focused mainly on bug fixing resulting in improved stability and a better user experience.


Please check below for the download and changelog links.


We would also like to emphasize that we highly appreciate all your feedback.

Feature overview


The following new features are present in WebApp 1.4:

  •     Soft-delete restore: now you will be able to restore your items already emptied trashcan (up to the auto purge date).
  •     Keyboard shortcuts: keyboard shortcuts are implemented to compose a new message or send a reply.    Please note that this part is not completely finished. While implementing the controls we got stuck on browsers, the variation in keyboards over countries and different OS's. Feedback is highly appreciated!
  •     Auto save: drafts are saved in the background.
  •     Message in message: attach older items like mails, contacts and appointments to emails.
  •     Addressbook configurable: use other addressbooks than the global addressbook as default.
  •     Font improvements: less unexpected font changes.
  •     Webodf preview: view ODF files attached to emails in the browser.

For download please visit:



For all feedback on this release please use the WebApp section of our forum:


Kind regards,


Zarafa QA