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  • Updated: 2013-4-25
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Next generation web interface for Zarafa

Full description:

This project is the successor to the existing Zarafa WebAccess.  The WebApp can run in parallel with the Zarafa WebAccess on ZCP 7.0 and 7.1 releases.


The WebApp user manual is published online in either HTML or PDF format.

We welcome any end-user questions and/or feedback in the WebApp users forum:


Plug-in developers

Developer API-documentation can be found on: , and a developer manual is available from (with a PDF version at

Questions and feedback on third-party plugin development are welcome on our WebApp development forum: .

Package installation:

Debian and rpm packages of the WebApp can be found on Please use ZCP 7.0.10 or 7.1.1 for these packages, as there are some fixes done in the php-mapi package.

Source compilation instructions: 

  1. Install Apache, PHP5, PHP-MAPI, ant (1.7 or 1.8), Java 6;
  2. Extract the source;
  3. Run "ant deploy";
  4. Expose the "deploy" directory using apache;
  5. Edit "config.php.dist" to match your settings and save it to "config.php". 


The author recommends using a different release of this plugin!

Release notes:

Dear Zarafa users,

We are releasing the new WebApp 1.3.1 version, this latest release brings 2 fixes found briefly just after the release of Webapp1.3 as well as updated translations.

For the full details of this release you can visit the project page on our community hub: 

Zarafa Webapp Project page 

It contains the full release notes and a copy of the Webapp1.3.1 change log 

For download please visit: 

The Webapp1.3 Downloads page here 

To view the updates made in Webapp please visit: 

The updated Webapp Manual here 

For all feedback on this release please use the WebApp section of our forums. 

Webapp Usage forum thread 


Zarafa QA