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Administration interface for Zarafa servers

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Z-Admin enables the system administrator to set up, configure and maintain a mailserver. It is a web application, so you can use your browser to configure a Zarafa server from your own computer.

  • Documentation (includes installation instructions): Z-admin documentation
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The author recommends using a different release of this plugin!

Release notes:

Dear Zarafa users,

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Z-admin 1.3.1 final. This minor maintenance release upgrade contains lots of fixes and new features and improvements. We improved the error handling in the Zadmin UI, correct session time out message is given and a ip address is given when you log-in when someone is already logged in. We improved the certificate handling and fixed some issues with SNMP. Also the final release of ZCP 7.1.3 and Chinese translations for the Z-admin interface are included in this release.

New features in this release are: The change password plug-ins for webaccess and webapp, store size of users shown, configurable timezones, Offline store resynchronization force possible from UI and you can configure multiple ldaps for ldap fall back.

One important note: When installing Z-admin Z-push will not be installed by default. It is still available in the yaffas repositories and can be installed via apt-get/yum install.

For all fixes, improvements and new features in this release check the end of this post.

To install or upgrade Z-admin you can use the following repositories:

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS: Debian 6

Ubuntu and Debian repository key:

Rhel 5 and 6:$releasever

Rhel repository key:

For the latest documentation on Z-admin:

For all feedback on this release please use the Z-admin forums on the Zarafa forums.

Kind regards,

Zarafa QA




Release Notes - Z-Admin - Version 1.3.1


  • [ADM-213] - Certificate activation does not work
  • [ADM-246] - Default spam blacklist configuration still uses
  • [ADM-248] - Setting an AD filter in Zarafa > Configuration does not restart Postfix
  • [ADM-257] - Config restore fails without error message and leaves broken LDAP behind
  • [ADM-260] - User-specific quota settings are not properly verified in the UI
  • [ADM-262] - Policy-Weightd restart after changing DNS
  • [ADM-263] - RHEL install instructions outdated, newer EPEL version available
  • [ADM-264] - RHEL: multiple search domains in /etc/resolv.conf are not properly shown in the UI
  • [ADM-265] - Config restore on fresh system broken due to empty domainname
  • [ADM-268] - Config restore is executed multiple times and might lead to an unpredictable system state
  • [ADM-269] - System > Services errors out on systems with non-working hwclock (linux-vserver)
  • [ADM-270] - z-push log rotation is missing
  • [ADM-276] - ClamAV: "maximum size of scannable objects" is empty by default, but this is not allowed
  • [ADM-281] - Upgrade from 1.2.3 to 1.3.x leaves old yaffas processes behind
  • [ADM-282] - Fresh zadmin-1.3.1-dev install does not update progress in install wizard
  • [ADM-287] - z-admin has a hidden dependency on authconfig on RHEL
  • [ADM-288] - Config restore broken (LDAP/users)
  • [ADM-289] - Network > Configuration cannot cope with quotes in CentOS ifcfg-* files
  • [ADM-290] - Outdated version numbers regarding z-admin on
  • [ADM-293] - Setup wizard broken with zh_TW
  • [ADM-294] - Changing the workgroup breaks network configuration until next reboot
  • [ADM-296] - Zarafa client auto update broken


  • [ADM-258] - Document that you cannot join AD domains with domain != workgroup
  • [ADM-272] - English docs lack English screenshots for 9.7 Microsoft Outlook Connection
  • [ADM-283] - yaffas init script behaves non-standard-like regarding start and restart actions

New Feature

  • [ADM-259] - Allow whitelisting networks (CIDR) in Mailserver > Security
  • [ADM-271] - Chinese translation (zh_TW)