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  • Updated: 2014-5-15
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Import and export Ical calendarfiles directly in WebApp.

Full description:

This plugin allows you to import and export Ical files directly in WebApp. So there is no need for curl anymore! You can choose the calender into which you want to import your ics file. If you do not want to import all events, just select those you want.


Since version 1.2 you can manually select the timezone of the imported events, if it doesn't get detected automatically. You can now import/export calendars from the public store too!

Since version 2.0 it is possible to import mail attachments directly to your calendar!

Since 2.0.5 there is a new Settingswidget to make configuration easier.

Since 2.1.0 it is possible to subscribe to external ics calendars.


Tested with exported Google ics files.


The author recommends using a different release of this plugin!

Release notes:

calendarimporter 1.2:

  • New timezone management
  • more imported fields (Busystatus, importance, label, class, organizer, reminder)
  • smaller improvements
  • deploy/build script
  • support for shared/public folders

Tested with: Webapp >= 1.2.1, PHP 5.3

Hi Chris,

I have problems with installing/using your plugin. I have downloaded and copied to my server´s zarafa webapp plugin directory, enabled it under "advanced settings" at webapp but I dont anything in my webapp ! I am using Zarafa 7.1.3-40304 with webapp 1.2.2 under ubuntu os 10.04 lts server. 

So how can I get this things work ? Do i need special files rights ?



Oliver 2603 days ago

Hi Oliver,

it also took me a while to find the new Option in WebApp. In the bottom left you should have a button "Import/Export Calendar" is you properly activated the plugin. Activation can be done globally in the config.php or individually inside the advanced settings in WebApp (may have to be activated in config.php of WebApp).

Btw. WebApp 1.3 was released some days ago, definately worth checking out.

Felix Bartels 2595 days ago