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  • Updated: 2012-5-1
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Administration interface for Zarafa servers

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Z-Admin enables the system administrator to set up, configure and maintain a mailserver. It is a web application, so you can use your browser to configure a Zarafa server from your own computer.

  • Documentation (includes installation instructions): Z-admin documentation
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The author recommends using a different release of this plugin!

Release notes:

Release Notes - Z-Admin - Version 1.3.0


  • [ADM-118] - Missing error message if perl fails
  • [ADM-119] - Setting ldap without samba attributes fails
  • [ADM-155] - New first use wizard will give an unclear error when creating a user that already exists.
  • [ADM-156] - No indication that the IP address of the ADS server is wrong.
  • [ADM-157] - Session time out message is incorrect
  • [ADM-159] - The WebApp will not load because apache cannot write in /var/lib/zarafa-webapp/tmp
  • [ADM-163] - Resource capacity is mandatory for rooms, even though help says it's not applicable to rooms
  • [ADM-175] - Installation fails on Rhel 6
  • [ADM-178] - Wrong ldap_emailaliases_attribute with AD
  • [ADM-185] - z-admin creates users without respecting local users, leading to a uid conflict
  • [ADM-186] - Zarafa 7.1 breaks orphaned stores module
  • [ADM-187] - virus notifications are not forwarded to notification mail address
  • [ADM-188] - Switching folders in backup doesn't work
  • [ADM-189] - Change of AD userfilter is not applied directly
  • [ADM-194] - Restore doesn't work in zarafabackup module
  • [ADM-196] - "Delete user" feature is (at least partly) broken
  • [ADM-197] - Unable to import certain certificates (e.g. Astaro)
  • [ADM-198] - Security (XSS): The bundled YUI2 has XSS problems
  • [ADM-199] - Arbitrary file overwrite (as root) for local users due to old debug code in Yaffas::LDAP
  • [ADM-206] - fetchmail: invalid input in the UI can permanently break UI and fetchmail config
  • [ADM-207] - Shell command injection (as root) in yaffas-module-fetchmail's check.cgi
  • [ADM-214] - ClamAV broken when using a HTTP proxy
  • [ADM-216] - Update documentation regarding installation procedures and repository keys
  • [ADM-217] - Info message is bigger than screen without scroll bar. Unable to see and click buttons.
  • [ADM-218] - zadmin tries to load non-existant icons
  • [ADM-219] - CentOS 6: Update temporarily breaks Zarafa-Server due to MySQL not being started
  • [ADM-221] - Debian 6: zarafa-monitor not running after upgrade
  • [ADM-222] - Debian 6: samba appears as "stopped" and "not started on boot"
  • [ADM-223] - Debian 6: /etc/network/interfaces "allow-hotplug" not recognized
  • [ADM-224] - SNMP is broken on Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian 6
  • [ADM-225] - SNMP help text is totally wrong and might lead to insecure setups
  • [ADM-226] - SNMP configuration produces totally different behaviour depending on the distribution
  • [ADM-227] - Unclear error message when adding users with a single-character name
  • [ADM-228] - Inconsistent behaviour: user add does not require an email address, user modify does
  • [ADM-229] - User management / LDAP integration broken on Debian 6
  • [ADM-232] - raid-related log spam on Debian 6 when using Maintainance -> Notification
  • [ADM-234] - RHEL5/6 packages incorrectly signed
  • [ADM-235] - Username lookup sometimes broken (e.g. when attempting to modify a user)
  • [ADM-236] - Perl errors when installing without setting up an initial user and attempting to switch to Remote/Yaffas LDAP auth
  • [ADM-237] - Memory overview in System > Information is wrong/incomplete


  • [ADM-131] - Make sure that the version of zarafa.schema matches the version of the installed zarafa server.
  • [ADM-147] - restriction filter for external LDAP or ADS to limit the users shown in Z-admin
  • [ADM-162] - Automatically redirect or create a less scary page in case the user forgets to use 'https'
  • [ADM-166] - Migrate config postinsts to setup page
  • [ADM-167] - Cleanup license / subscription module UI
  • [ADM-177] - Read version number from package state
  • [ADM-181] - SSL/TLS issues with fetchmail
  • [ADM-202] - Zarafa -> Configuration: Tabs "attachments", "userfilter", "quota" and "features" should be unified into one tab "Basic settings"
  • [ADM-205] - Z-Push update to 2.0.5
  • [ADM-210] - webaccess password change plugin: Don't close password dialog if error occurred
  • [ADM-238] - Error out when attempting to edit a user/group with a non-unique id

New Feature

  • [ADM-25] - When logging in as administrator, say from which IP address the currently logged on admin is coming from
  • [ADM-56] - query license capabilities from licensed via API and display in UI
  • [ADM-59] - PRF creator
  • [ADM-60] - create a webaccess plugin to change AD password
  • [ADM-64] - show store size, last login in user list
  • [ADM-65] - Add button to force the user's client to resync when using cached mode
  • [ADM-66] - Make number of days to retain deleted items (softdelete_lifetime) configurable in z-admin and add "Purge now!" functionality
  • [ADM-111] - Change of timezone settings
  • [ADM-154] - Implement password change plugin for WebApp
  • [ADM-182] - Support for the new ldap_uri function to have ldap fallback support.
  • [ADM-239] - yaffas-core: properly handle file upload requests with query strings
  • [ADM-240] - Implement support for form submits from one module to another module's CGI script
  • [ADM-241] - Support for checking the list of available yaffas modules in JS


  • [ADM-192] - Move gpg repo key out of repo directory
  • [ADM-231] - php-related log spam on Debian 6 when using Maintainance -> Notification


  • [ADM-208] - yaffas-module-certificates: Verify that larger certificates (>=4096bit?) can be imported
  • [ADM-233] - Update zarafa client package
  • [ADM-242] - Re-test all themes
  • [ADM-243] - User and group context menus should be retested