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  • Category: 3rdparty
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3
  • Updated: 2012-12-7
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Running Zarafa against a Samba4 driven Active Directory

Full description:

With the script you can apply the Zarafa Active Directory Schema Extensions to a Samba4 Active Directory server and then run your Zarafa server in Active Directory mode. Useradministration will then be done on a joined Windows 7 workstation that has the Windows Remote Server Administration Tools running. Users and Groups can be created and managed by the appropriate MMC-Snap-ins, just as you would do when running a Microsoft Active Directory server and are available und fully usable in Zarafa.

You can apply the Schema Extensions to your own build of Samba4 or you can just download the SerNet Samba4 Appliance, which will ask you during dcpromo if you would like to install the Zarafa Active Directory Schema Extensions.

Version 1.2 was issued on 4-12-2012


The author recommends using a different release of this plugin!

Release notes:

Zarafa AD Schema Installer 1.2 for Samba 4 AD


Changes since version 1.1


* Check for correct version of ldb-tools

* Check for sane bash version

* Start to go for compatibility with other shells

* Add missing  adminMultiselectPropertyPages to DisplaySpecifiers