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Send attachments from your OwnCloud account

Full description:

This plugin is now directly integrated in Webapp. It's called the "Files" plugin.

More information can be found here:

Download the newest Version from here:


The OwnCloud attachment plugin is a simple integration for Zarafa WebApp. It allows you to send e-mails with attachments that come from your OwnCloud account. You can browse your Owncloud from within WebApp. These files are not downloaded to your local computer; instead, the attachments are downloaded by the server hosting WebApp, so this makes it suitable for use from public computers.

This Plugin was ported from the Dropbox attachment plugin (by Ivo Timmermans).

Changes since version 1.3:

  • A new context with a webdav browser.You can now browse through all files, preview, add, delete and download them. It is also possible to attach a file directly to an email. A caching mechanism for webdav requests was also introduced to improve the loadtime while browsing through folders. Information for admins: please take a look at the config.php of the plugin - there are some new options to set.
  • For detailed changes take a look at the changelog
  • Warning: version 1.3 is only compatible with WebApp >= 1.3-38243! For older WebApp please use version 1.2.3-1

New WebDAV Browser

WebDav Servers tested:

  • Owncloud 4.5
  • Owncloud 5.x.x (Owncloud <= 5.0.3 has a bug in the webdav implementation that does not update renamed files!)
  • Synology Diskstation WebDAV (Path to Owncloud/Webdav: empty) Use version 1.3.1 if you have a Synology WebDAV server!
  • Drive on Web (Path to Owncloud/Webdav: /probdav)

Next Milestones:

  • Save received attachments directly to your Owncloud account. (since v1.2)
  • Full featured Webdav Client as OwnCloud Webgui replacement. (since v1.3 partially implemented)

PS: This is my first Zarafa plugin and i know that it is not perfect... maybe you can help me to improve :D

If you like my plugin, then think about donating some bucks to help the development.

Release notes:

v1.2.2: 01.12.2012

 - removed host autodetection tue to incompatibility with some installations

 - settings restructured (new settings category)

 - settings importer for older plugin versions

 - removed userdata from json requests

 - renamed plugin for future development

 - show error when unable to connect

 - password stored base64 encoded

 - code cleanup



If you are upgrading from a previous release please make sure to delete the old "owncloudattachment" folder in the plugins directory first!

The settings should be automatically updated to the new settings structure.


All settings can be edited in the new owncloud settings category :D



Tested with WebApp 1.2.2 and Owncloud 4.5.3 (

damn great work! really love your plugin!

is it possible to update the dropbox plugin, so the settings can be edited in the settings category too?


keep up your good work!

1of16 2966 days ago

Hi, i'm glad to hear that you like my plugin.

The Dropbox plugin uses another/different authentication mechanism. It makes no sense to extend the current settings or add a new settings category. Maybe the original dropbox plugin author will enhance this someday.

Chris 2964 days ago