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  • Updated: 2013-4-25
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Next generation web interface for Zarafa

Full description:

This project is the successor to the existing Zarafa WebAccess.  The WebApp can run in parallel with the Zarafa WebAccess on ZCP 7.0 and 7.1 releases.


The WebApp user manual is published online in either HTML or PDF format.

We welcome any end-user questions and/or feedback in the WebApp users forum:


Plug-in developers

Developer API-documentation can be found on: , and a developer manual is available from (with a PDF version at

Questions and feedback on third-party plugin development are welcome on our WebApp development forum: .

Package installation:

Debian and rpm packages of the WebApp can be found on Please use ZCP 7.0.10 or 7.1.1 for these packages, as there are some fixes done in the php-mapi package.

Source compilation instructions: 

  1. Install Apache, PHP5, PHP-MAPI, ant (1.7 or 1.8), Java 6;
  2. Extract the source;
  3. Run "ant deploy";
  4. Expose the "deploy" directory using apache;
  5. Edit "config.php.dist" to match your settings and save it to "config.php". 


The author recommends using a different release of this plugin!

Release notes:

Note: release 1.2.svn37787 was retracted.  In some cases, the suggestion lists were showing the correct names with the wrong e-mail addresses.  We are working on a fix for this issue and will upload a new release as soon as possible.


New final release of WebApp: 1.2

Changes since WebApp 1.1 final:

image Some of these functions or bug fixes require the latest version of ZCP to work correctly. We recommend using either ZCP 7.0.10 or ZCP 7.1.1 or any later version.


1. Changes visible to users

1.1 Meeting request delegation

1.1.1 Bugs fixed

  • WA-3889 Reading a MR and then reading an email in another folder leads to the MR buttons to remaining exposed
  • WA-4045 resources aren't resolving with with the correct icon and are automatically added as a 'required' attendee
  • WA-3675 "Could not open store" error when meeting organizer clicks on Calendar button in Declined meeting request message received from the attendee

  • WA-4003 Meeting organiser/user dissappears from scheduling grid

  • WA-4299 Can book already booked resource with decline_conflict option on
  • WA-4040 Opening a MR twice as a recipient or shared store user doubles an organiser or recipient's name.
  • WA-4294 Permission properties dont appear to save changes, and need to be refreshed to see them
  • WA-4056 If delegate has no permission to create appointment in calendar then show an error message before sending the meeting request
  • WA-4122 User with sufficient rights cannot delete/rename subfolder of another user
  • WA-4125 Closing shared store does not remove it from settings
  • WA-4080 Fix that none of the Shared Stores cannot be loaded when one of the Shared Store users doesn't exist
  • WA-4170 shared store loading isnt updated
  • WA-4516 Meeting request does not contain Accept/Decline buttons when it was sent by delegate to delegator and opened in delegate's store
  • WA-2340 Shared folders can get loaded twice for a user
  • WA-3448 Opening an unread email on a shared folder doesnt update the unread counter
  • WA-4038 attendee is added in recipient table when adding resources in meeting
  • WA-4233 Fix that reopening a shared folder without subfolders won't show subfolders
  • WA-4044 Fix that double clicking on the sender which was sent on behalf of somebody else, opens the wrong details dialog

1.2 Rules

1.2.1 New features

  • WA-3928 As a user I want to remove a rule from the rule settings.
  • WA-3929 As a user I want to (de)activate a rule from the rule settings.
  • WA-3917 As a user I want to create a rule; 'When the message is sent to (a certain person), delete the message'.
  • WA-3925 As a user I want to create a rule.
  • WA-3934 As a user I want to edit a rule from the rule settings.
  • WA-3944 As a user I want to add an extra action at my rule settings.
  • WA-3959 As a user i want to open the items in my calendar also in a tab, so i use the tabbing model for all the contexts
  • WA-3943 As a user I want to add an extra condition at my rule settings.
  • WA-3942 As a user I want to add a subfolder to put my email in with rules.
  • WA-4272 As a user i want to be able to change the matching recipients of a move rule by clicking on the recipient, so i'm able edit existing rules
  • WA-3936 As a user I want to move a rule in the rule settings, so a rule get the highest priority.
  • WA-3916 As a user I want to move email that is received from a certain person to my subfolder 'Spam', so I keep a better overview of my mailbox
  • WA-4057 As a user with rules created by another email client, I want to see any unsupported types of rules in the rules settings widget, but not be able to edit them - lest they become broken by editing them
  • WA-3924 As a user I want to create a rule; 'When the message is marked with a specific priority, copy the message to folder..'.
  • WA-3946 As a user I want to choose a condition in the rules setting.
  • WA-4098 As a user I want to stop processing more rules after a certain rule has been processed
  • WA-4257 As a user i want to be able to change the destination folder of a move rule by clicking on the foldername, so i'm able edit existing rules
  • WA-4258 As a user i want see with a selection the current used folder when editing a move rule, so i don't have to scroll first thorugh the whole folderlist again

1.2.2 Bugs fixed

  • WA-4733 Added conditions and actions can disappear in rules dialogue
  • WA-4604 Rule's name disappears when "Delete the message" action was selected.
  • WA-4629 Cannot apply several newly created rules
  • WA-4599 Long contact name is truncated in rules dialog
  • WA-4597 Clicking on "New" btn and then Cancel adds empty rows in rules list
  • WA-4633 No way to remove conditions or actions when editing a rule
  • WA-4635 Notification message is given about applying changes even when no changes were made in the rule

1.3 Quota

  • WA-4074 As a user i want to see my quota in the general tab in the settings, so i can see when i need to cleanup my mailbox
  • WA-4075 As a user i want to get a pop-up when sending email or item when i'm reached my soft or hard quota, so i know i have to cleanup my mailbox

1.4 Tabbed user interface

1.4.1 New features

  • WA-3823 As a user i want to close a mail opened in a tab via a close button in the tab, so i can keep my tab bar clean
  • WA-3826 As a user i want to open a new tab for the selected item when selecting it from the new button, so i can directly start to create the item
  • WA-3825 As a user i want to have always only the selected folder opened as a tab, so i will not get confused
  • WA-3824 As a user i want to have the selected folder always in the first tab open, so i can easily switch back to the message list
  • WA-3821 As a user i want to have my email opened in a tab instead of dialog, so i have a better overview
  • WA-3822 As a user i want to have my reading pane and opened items available as tabs, so i can quickly switch through different emails
  • WA-3927 As a user i want to have my addressbook, attachment, resolve names, delegation and similar dialog still be opened in a inline pop-up when using the tabs, so only the dialogs of new/opened items are in tabs
  • WA-3827 As a user i want to see the subject in the tab field, so i can easily recognize a mail when having multiple tabs opened
  • WA-3831 As a user i want to get an extra tab as well when openin a task, contact or note item, so i have the tab structure available for all my items
  • WA-3828 As a user i want the text "E-mail" as tab name when writing a new email which is not yet saved, so i know which tab is containing my concept email
  • WA-3926 As a user i want to create a new items when selecting the + sign in the tab bar, so i can easily create new items
  • WA-3833 As a user with a lot of opened tabs i want to have arrows buttons, so i can go through the list when tabs are out of my screen
  • WA-4077 As a user i want to automatically close the tab of for reading the email when i press reply, so i don't have 2 tabs open for the same email

1.4.2 Bugs fixed

  • WA-4230 Tab mail dialogue looses layout
  • WA-4253 Error in debug.txt when email message is sent to contact with external email
  • WA-4028 Meeting invitation message opened as popup is not closed after meeting was accepted/declined
  • WA-3479 Double-clicking in calendar does not open appointment dialogue
  • WA-3775 Cannot open Copy/Move folder dialogue
  • WA-4229 Ext JS: when selecting tabs with the middle mouse button, a new browser tab is opened
  • WA-3538 As a user i want to get a pop-up when closing a new email i'm writing, so i don't lose my changes when i accidently close the dialog
  • WA-4684 Cannot use Facebook plugin and dropbox plugin
  • WA-4188 in settings/zarafa tabs '+' icon does nothing
  • WA-4453 Sizes of dialogs are not saved
  • WA-4641 Details of the external email address opened as a tab


1.5 Using personal contact folders and user-defined distribution list handling

1.5.1 New features

  • WA-3829 As an user, I want to be able to enter a distlist as a recipient when sending an email
  • WA-4013 Cannot add signature to email made with new contact in it

1.5.2 Bugs fixed

  • WA-4010 Not correct contact details dialogue is opened for the User contacts in GAB
  • WA-4096 Cannot open up details for a local contact via AB.
  • WA-4225 Replying to or recieving an email that was sent by an unknown contact has empty recipient details
  • WA-4033 External emails inside distribution list treated as groups by spooler
  • WA-4019 Everyone group and distribution lists are expanded in Webapp
  • WA-4545 When replying to an email from an external email adress, view recipient email address is empty
  • WA-4207 Adding a contact to something (like permission dialogue or established dist list) doesn't save the properties correctly so that red triangles remain
  • WA-4210 Pop up occurs for distlist when selecting to send and email via context menu
  •  WA-4218 Opening local contacts from dist list gives incorrect information and js error
  • WA-4587 Filling contact's name via "Full Name" dialogue does not add name to File as, and you cannot select it manually
  • WA-4226 Fix that the "Send Email" button is shown for unsaved contacts and distlists
  • WA-3983 Fix that Rooms and Equipment have the wrong icon in the Address Book

1.6 Other small features

  • WA-4132 I would like that replying to a message that contains a Reply-To header replies to that address instead of the sender
  • WA-4198 Remove panel headers for Zarafa and Settings contexts
  • WA-4353 Move out of office to a tab in settings windows, as it's now to hard to find in bottom of email settings
  • WA-3545 Change the context names from singular to plural
  • WA-3938 I would like a read time-out setting in my settings
  • WA-4100 Create visible indication of WebApp version
  • WA-4563 Drop usage of obsolete 'Refresh' HTTP header
  • WA-4037 When opening an appointment in a recurring series from the today's appointments widget, I want to open only that specific occurrence, not the entire series, so that I know for sure that I am looking at any exception to the series
  • WA-4133 Correctly copy Outlook behavior regarding "Deleted Items" subfolders.
  • WA-4365 Make "Mark mail as read" setting more userfriendly
  • WA-4368 As a user I want to see my unread mail inside a widget so I can keep track of my incoming mail from everywhere in the WebApp
  • WA-4012 Add icon for "Send Message" in context menus

1.7 Performance improvements

  • WA-2702 As a user with a lot (1000) subfolder in my own store and public folder, i want that my hierarchy loads within 2seconds, as now the webaccess takes very long
  • WA-3526 GAB takes ages to load
  • WA-2947 Filter out properties that are not useful in listview from list response
  • WA-4177 Improve BusyTime to reduce event registration
  • WA-4367 Obtain SessionId from the global user object rather then force plugins to access the Cookie
  • WA-4382 Change MAPIStore::getByEntryId() function
  • WA-4384 Fix that the folder widgets aren't updated fast enough
  • WA-3806 PDF attachment preview in a lightbox
  • WA-4055 Fix that when we don't request all properties from the server when opening a table

1.8 Other bugs fixed

  • WA-4357 Multiple selected contacts are not correctly added in the To field
  • WA-4362 cannot open calendars of other users

  • WA-4461 Body gets lost after email recipient is resolved, attachment added

  • WA-4618 Can't load the webapp release package

  • WA-4032 Settings can become corrupted for German & Dutch locales

  • WA-4163 Error when trying to search in any context

  • WA-4215 reloading store when in a context with subfolders, reloads the store with an incorrect hierarchy
  • WA-4347 switching between calendars in list view creates a js error and doesnt load the other/new appointments
  • WA-4585 The get_defined_constants (true) causes a crash in php
  • WA-3755 MR Exception looses its exception status after opening it as an occurance

  • WA-3835 Allday appointments extended if the series is opened

  • WA-3904 Accepting meeting request via meeting request dialogue in Calendar makes Webapp stuck

  • WA-4606 Cannot create new folder
  • WA-3997 Newly created folder does not appear in folder's hierarchy
  • WA-4581 Suggested times in the Scheduling tab do not update the appointment time
  • WA-4054 When proposing a new time default duration is 0 min and the time/dates default is wrong
  • WA-4602 Cannot select Start/End date for recurring appointments in timezones west of GMT
  • WA-4243 Reply/forward buttons become useless if you receive new e-mail
  • WA-4527 Today is not highlighted in the Calendar
  • WA-3609 Clicking on a Date selection in calendar the selection jumps to the entire day
  • WA-4504 MR tracking area is empty in Firefox
  • WA-3253 Recurrence doesnt show reminder
  • WA-4060 Fix that first-time users can logon to the WebApp
  • WA-4124 Cannot create new folder in Public folders store
  • WA-4462 Cannot close a MR after making it recurring
  • WA-3336 Print task list creates an empty page
  • WA-4082 Marking all mail as read produces error in debug.txt
  • WA-4110 Js errors when opening the calendar via button when a recurring allday appointment is present
  • WA-4213 Hierarchy doesnt appear correctly when expanded in context menu
  • WA-4242 Accept/Decline Spreed meeting request with Send response now option produces error in debug.txt
  • WA-4381 Meeting cancellation message is not sent if meeting was previously saved and calendar context was not refreshed
  • WA-4390 Deleted Items folder is displayed twice after folder was deleted and you switched to other context
  • WA-4442 Reading mail with attachments does not mark it as read
  • WA-4454 IE9-Cannot insert image in reply and forward mails
  • WA-3910 Proposed new time is still displayed in the meeting after it was accepted by meeting organizer
  • WA-4690 Recurring appointment opened via Today's Appointments widget is empty, Calendar cannot be opened after that
  • WA-3804 Error when trying to send email from context menu
  • WA-4231 Can't edit an all-day event to set its duration from two days to only one
  • WA-3530 Signature bodies arent being saved
  • WA-4307 In German version it is not possible to "Show all folders"
  • WA-4431 DST: date is incorrectly shown at Brazillian dst change
  • WA-4671 double clicking in a body creats js errors
  • WA-4314 In the deployed version of WebApp, the WebApp version number is empty
  • WA-3529 Unable to insert a picture when signature is present
  • WA-4006 Printing inline images doesn't work (empty area is printed)
  • WA-4120 Webapp returns notification when opened with ZDI that the browser is not supported
  • WA-4131 Contact / Task / Note contexts should be labeled Contacts / Tasks / Notes
  • WA-3600 WebApp asks too often if I want to do something with an occurence or series
  • WA-3731 You (the recipient of an email) are listed as recipient in the reply email when replying using 'reply all'
  • WA-3772 IE9 - Email sent in HTML format with unicode signature contains only signature and does not contain message
  • WA-3468 Typo: start time and end time in tasks
  • WA-4111 Opening Task dialog fails when opened in Settings context
  • WA-4118 Fix that folders containing subfolders can be copied
  • WA-4686 Having a default context other than mail makes the settings icon reccur
  • WA-4688 cannot save quick items or send quick mails
  • WA-4716 clicking on Mobile button in Quick contact widget does not open dialogue
  • WA-4316 Version information in Settings is displayed in a confusing manner
  • WA-4209 Fix that you cannot create subfolders when the Inbox is loaded without subfolders
  • WA-3811 Fix that when the Mail grid is too small, the copy/move & delete buttons disappear
  • WA-3957 Fix that all buttons for adding attachments use the generic attachmentbutton class.
  • WA-3978 Fix that proposing a new time shows a error message
  • WA-4047 Ensure that marking mail as read/unread will return success
  • WA-4720 Fix that Folders can be expanded when they contain a subfolder without a display name.
  • WA-4137 Wrong feedback when trying to print multiple contacts


2 Changes for administrators

2.1 New features

  • WA-4220 Incorrect permissions set for webapp temp folder
  • WA-4563 Drop usage of obsolete 'Refresh' HTTP header
  • WA-4374 The unread Mail widget should be enabled by default for new installations, just like the Task and Appointment Widget
  • WA-4312 Show clear error when loading the WebApp with incorrect DEBUG_LOADER value
  • WA-3562 We want to start packaging the spreed, sugarcrm, google maps, and other integration plugins as separate packages, all the other plugins remain part of the webapp package
  • The configuration files config.php and debug.php have changed.

2.2 Bugs fixed

  • WA-3723 The Facebook plug-in always loads a Javascript file over HTTP, even if it's disabled
  • WA-4585 The get_defined_constants (true) causes a crash in php
  • WA-3389 The webapp 1.0 debug package does not contain the debug files
  • WA-4060 Fix that first-time users can logon to the WebApp
  • WA-3995 Optimize PHP settings
  • WA-4089 Fix that the state files are deleted while the user is still logged in
  • WA-4083 Fix typo in configcheck.php

2.3 New built-in plugins

  • WA-4001 As a system admin, i want to show users a warning message if they are using unsupported version of browser
  • WA-4292 Browsercompatibility plugin detect wrong browser version with IE browser compatibility functionality

  • WA-4379 Browsercompatibility plugin fails with Opera

  • WA-4264 Fix that the Browser Compatibility plugin messes up the New Mail Notifications

  • WA-4271 Can't close reminder dialog when BrowserCompatibility plugin is enabled

  • WA-4263 As Zarafa, I want to integrate a Jira issue collector in WebApp


3 Changes for plugin&WebApp developers

  • WA-4634 As a Developer, I would like to login to WebApp using a JSON API, instead of the normal HTML login form, such that I can interact with WebApp using JSON only.
  • WA-3907 Fix that svnversion is not executed for each request when debug.php is present
  • WA-3905 As a Plugin Developer I want to provide a new method for attaching files to a MAPI message without introducing buttons to every dialog
  • WA-4312 Show clear error when loading the WebApp with incorrect DEBUG_LOADER value
  • WA-4392 Refactor dialogs and panels
  • The API for creating dialogs & panels has changed, see this blog post:  Everywhere a browser tab/window was referenced, this has been removed.
  • Ext.form.DateField.getValue() was fixed to return null when no date was selected instead of an empty string
  • Ext.layout.ToolbarLayout changed to perform a layout when items are being hidden/shown
  • Ext.TabPanel.js changed to prevent opening a new browser tab when clicking with the middle mouse button on an Ext JS tab
  • The session id of the user is returned as the 'sessionid' key inside the global user object
  • A new global object version is created that contains details of the software versions (WebApp, PHP-MAPI, server)

3.1 New insertion points

  • context.addressbook.abgroupdetailcontentpanel.tabs
  • context.addressbook.abuserdetailcontentpanel.tabs
  • context.calendar.appointmentcontentpanel.tabs
  • context.calendar.appointmentcontentpanel.toolbar.actions
  • context.calendar.appointmentcontentpanel.toolbar.options
  • main.attachment.method
  • context.common.reminder.contentpanel.contextmenu.actions
  • context.common.reminder.contentpanel.contextmenu.options
  • context.settings.category.rules
  • folderpropertiescontentpanel.tabs
  • context.mail.mailcreatecontentpanel.toolbar.actions
  • context.mail.mailcreatecontentpanel.toolbar.options
  • context.mail.showmailcontentpanel.toolbar.actions
  • context.mail.showmailcontentpanel.toolbar.options
  • context.settings.category.outofoffice
  • context.note.noteeditcontentpanel.toolbar.actions
  • context.note.noteeditcontentpanel.toolbar.options
  • context.task.taskeditcontent.tabs
  • context.task.taskeditcontentpanel.toolbar.actions
  • context.task.taskeditcontentpanel.toolbar.options


3.2 Removed insertion points

  • context.calendar.appointmentdialog.tabs
  • context.calendar.appointmentdialog.toolbar.actions
  • context.calendar.appointmentdialog.toolbar.options
  • context.common.reminder.dialog.contextmenu.actions
  • context.common.reminder.dialog.contextmenu.options
  • statusbar.left
  • statusbar.right
  • folderpropertiesdialog.tabs
  • context.mail.mailcreatedialog.toolbar.actions
  • context.mail.mailcreatedialog.toolbar.options
  • context.mail.showmaildialog.toolbar.actions
  • context.mail.showmaildialog.toolbar.options
  • context.note.noteeditdialog.toolbar.actions
  • context.note.noteeditdialog.toolbar.options
  • context.task.taskeditdialog.tabs
  • context.task.taskeditdialog.toolbar.actions
  • context.task.taskeditdialog.toolbar.options


4 Other internal changes to the source tree