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  • Updated: 2012-8-28
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This community package delivers high-performance (threadable) backup for Zarafa - also for filter-enabled backup strategies

Full description:

Zarafa-cluster-backup takes care to backup all users found by defined ldap-filters and is intended to be used in combination with cron. It is also possible to do overlapping backups (like one daily backup and some VIP backups for special users).

This project is actively used among customers delivering the performance expected whilst delivering the full ability of restore on brick-level backup. All backups between the first and the last (rotation) are stored incrementally. Please refer to the Zarafa docs for documentation on zarafa-backup and zarafa-restore.

Requirements for running zarafa-cluster-backup:

- perl (or perl-base)

- make

- ldapsearch (often in package ldap-utils)

- zarafa-backup (and corresponding libraries neccessary to zarafa-backup)

Short Howto


1. Install package requirements

2. chmod u+x

3. run ./

4. <EDIT /etc/zarafa/backup-cluster.cfg>

5. <CREATE /etc/zarafa/backup-<NODE_NAME>.cfg files>

6. Run test, and create cronjobs (example included)


Release notes:

* 1.4.0 - major changes + new option for LDAP page size

  Added LDAP_PAGE_SIZE option for directories with size limit (like AD with 1000 per default)

  Fixed single server LDAP_FILTER parameter to be wrapped correctly (thanks to Jens Rabe for reporting)

  Completely revamped log handling

  Added -q option (no output in cron)

  Mute multid calls

  Added multi-tenant public folder backup

  Added multi-server, multithreaded capability (multiplies THREADS by number of nodes!)

  enhanced process/tmpfile handling (pipe restructuring)

  implemented nice dots for minimal responsive progress - progress overview in percent is moved for later release ;)

Thanks for this solution. In the example config exists a little typo:



A closing ")" is missing at the end.

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