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Set up Spreed meetings with people involved in an e-mail conversation directly from Zarafa WebApp

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Start a Spreed meeting from an e-mail conversation in Zarafa WebApp or select participants from the Zarafa address book.

  • Attachments from the e-mails are automatically converted to either presentation material or downloadable files.
  • Any participant in an e-mail conversation can be invited by selecting multiple e-mails.
  • Service provided by Spreed is free of cost for meetings of up to three participants.
  • Immediately join the meeting and you can talk to and see each other, and you have access to presentations, whiteboards, chat.
  • Everything is web browser based, so there's no need to install additional plug-ins (although Adobe Flash is required for the Spreed service).

Packages: packages are provided for .deb based distributions (Debian, Ubuntu), and .rpm based distributions (CentOS, Red Hat, Suse)




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Release notes:

Initial version for Zarafa WebApp.