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This project provides SPK Packages for easy installing Zarafa on Synology NAS

Full description:

This SPK allows to install Zarafa easily over the Synology DSM interface.The package includes Zarafa Community Edition and fetchmail. The SPK is available for x86, ARM, Armada370/ArmadaXP based NAS. Please download the package matching your DS CPU type.

The installation instructions can be found on the Project Homepage on the left or in the Zarafa Wiki.

The SPK is currently in BETA status. Install on your own risk.

Please ignore the warning regarding "not recommended release" when downloading the ARM release - this is only due to limitations of the Zarafa Community Hub.

Since SPK Version 0.2.9 Z-Push is no longer included. It could be downloaded from here. Simply install it after Zarafa to get it running.


The english support forum could be found here.

Das deutsche Supportforum kann hier erreicht werden.


The author recommends using a different release of this plugin!

Release notes:

0.2.9 [ARM]- contains Zarafa ZCP 7.0.7 / Fetchmail 6.3.21

This release is for Synology x86 devices. It consists of Zarafa ZCP 7.0.7 and Fetchmail 6.3.21

Upgrade Instructions:

  • Make a Backup of your important configuration files and MySQL Database (only in case something goes wrong)
  • Simply install the new SPK
  • Install the Z-Push SPK if you want to use syncronization to mobile devices, if not yet installed


v0.2.9 2012-07-10

  • fixed possible infinite loop if zarafa-server fails to stop
  • fixed startup scriptzarafa-server (TIMEOUT=`expr $TIMEOUT - 1`)
  • fixed possible ARM licensed bug, which might lead to big logfiles
  • Upgraded to Zarafa ZCP 7.0.7
  • removed z-Push (own SPK from now on)
  • Added licensed for ARM plattforms (Outlook plugin with ARM based DS now possible)
  • Zarafa start-stop-script restart now possible
  • added cedarview architecture

Known issues:

  • Zarafa start-stop-script will always start/stop fetchmail as well. If fetchmail is not configured it will give a warning
  • After DSM Upgrade a restart of the package may be required
  • One empty directory will be left after uninstall (/usr/local/zarafa-licesend)
  • [ARM] licensed may not accept comercial licenses - could only be used for the three outlook users
  • Apache/PHP is crashing on stop and creates a coredump (Download Station search does not function)