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  • Updated: 2012-4-10
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A homeserver hosting all your mails, contacts etc. and your files. Fetch mails from various providers and sync' them up here. Easy to install for all your family.

Full description:

With this project, we want to give back the data to the end- user. You.

With all this Cloud-Hype, we forget that what we entrust others is sometimes very private information. And especially - when we are "always on" - means also, we can also always access our Home. And are able to provide OUR data from OUR home to US and OUR friends. And our private information stays where all our other private stuff sits - at home!Right now, your data is most probably stored everywhere. Dropbox®, Apple® & Co have your files. Google®, Microsoft® and Yahoo & Co have your emails. Google®, Yahoo® etc. know what you are searching for, day by day. You own a smartphone? Then probably all your contacts, tasks and calendar entries - again, Google®, Apple®, Yahoo® etc. have them.With My Homeapp, you will have all your data inside a little computer at home - third the size of a shoe box!Now, 'inside your Homeapp', you will have all your- Files, like Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents- Email, which is being downloaded from your email provider- Contacts, Calendar entries, Tasks

The best thing is - your data is not only available from within your home - but also from everywhere else where you have internet. Simply through your own internet access point from your home. And especially also synchronized (in case you dont have internet access) on other devices - Laptops, Tablets etc.

Your files can be accessed

  • internally via
    • SMB (Windows® sharing)
    • WebDAV
    • Webinterface
  • externally via
    • WebDAV
    • Webinterface
    • and can be synchronized with Windows®, Linux®, Mac®, Android®(in progress) and iPhone®(planned)

Your Email, Contacts, Calendar entries and Tasks

  • internally via
    • Webinterface
    • MS® Outlook
  • externally via
    • Webinterface
    • ActiveSync® (Android®-, iPhone®- and other Devices)

With the integrated "Mozilla Sync Server"® you can keep your Firefox-

  • browsing history
  • tab- status
  • passwords
  • etc. etc. sync with other computers or mobile devices.

Also, your data can be automatically backed up to any ssh- capable server (see details). The data will be encrypted before it is being stored there, so the company holding your backups cannot access your private data.

Data to the people! ;)

Release notes:

0.9.4 - more fs options tweaking, got additional repos to install locally

0.9.3 - tweaked some fs options

0.9.2 - Added additional boot option for SSDs, made non- SSD setup default