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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3
  • Updated: 2012-12-7
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Running Zarafa against a Samba4 driven Active Directory

Full description:

With the script you can apply the Zarafa Active Directory Schema Extensions to a Samba4 Active Directory server and then run your Zarafa server in Active Directory mode. Useradministration will then be done on a joined Windows 7 workstation that has the Windows Remote Server Administration Tools running. Users and Groups can be created and managed by the appropriate MMC-Snap-ins, just as you would do when running a Microsoft Active Directory server and are available und fully usable in Zarafa.

You can apply the Schema Extensions to your own build of Samba4 or you can just download the SerNet Samba4 Appliance, which will ask you during dcpromo if you would like to install the Zarafa Active Directory Schema Extensions.

Version 1.2 was issued on 4-12-2012

Release notes:

Zarafa AD Schema Installer 1.5 for Samba 4 AD


Changes since version 1.4


 * Fix check for dos2unix * Fix bug, that was triggered by the verbose mode

Changes since version 1.3


* Add check for dos2unix

* Fix debug messages

Changes since version 1.2


* Improve check for correct ldb-tools version

Changes since version 1.1


* Check for correct version of ldb-tools 

* Check for sane bash version 

* Start to go for compatibility with other shells 

* Add missing adminMultiselectPropertyPages to DisplaySpecifiers

Changes since version 1.0


* Import new Zarafa AD schema extension from zcp-7.1.1-37812

Hello Thomas,

do you plan to update your script to enable the z-push functions?

 disabledFeatures "mobile" .

that way is not working against a samba4-AD.

of course we have to run the script against a AD wich has all other elements already ,-)

Thank you!


segro 268 days ago

Hi Sebastian,

maybe I am missing something from your message, but you can already use powershell to modify the user account attributes in your Samba AD (like in the examples from the blog post you mentioned) 'cause powershell uses the same mechanism as the RSAT GUI.



Thomas de Klein 261 days ago

Hi Thomas,

I'm afraid, samba is missing something there, no AD Webservice

It would realy be great, if you update your script or give me a hint...


segro 227 days ago