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  • Updated: 2012-5-1
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Administration interface for Zarafa servers

Full description:

Z-Admin enables the system administrator to set up, configure and maintain a mailserver. It is a web application, so you can use your browser to configure a Zarafa server from your own computer.

  • Documentation (includes installation instructions): Z-admin documentation
  • Issue tracking (Jira):
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Click the download button to go to the manual with the installation instructions.

Release notes:

Dear Zarafa users,

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability on Z-admin 1.3.2 beta 1. Added the new ZCP 7.1.4 beta release, the new Webapp 1.3.1 release and updated Z-push to 2.0.7. Next to that we resolved some issues with umlauts and non ascii characters and updated the documentation with feedback from the community.

For the full release note please check the end of this post

The beta documentation (including the beta repository URLs) can be found at:

The repositories with the new packages are located at:RedHat/Centos 5: RedHat/Centos 6: Debian 6: Ubuntu 10.04: Ubuntu 12.04:

For all feedback on this release please the Z-admin forums on this forum.

Kind regards,Zarafa QA


Changes in this release:

Release Notes - Z-Admin - Version 1.3.2


  • [ADM-273] - Not possible to create users with special characters in their GivenName or Surname
  • [ADM-274] - Verify that setting a domain without a dot in Network > Config fails early
  • [ADM-297] - Missing in Chinese translation
  • [ADM-298] - Disabling a service in user interface leads to an error
  • [ADM-299] - /opt/yaffas/etc/webmin/webmin/config gets created
  • [ADM-301] - docs: fetchmail + SpamAssassin setup: mail is not scanned for spam or viruses
  • [ADM-302] - Contacts, distribution lists and address lists don't work out of the box with AD
  • [ADM-304] - WebApp password change plugin not enabled when upgrading from pre-1.3
  • [ADM-305] - Z-admin manual says you need to do apt-get install Z-Admin.
  • [ADM-307] - JavaScript error on login page: scrollTo(0)
  • [ADM-308] - docs: German version of Mailserver > Security contains less information than the English version
  • [ADM-309] - users: Gecos not updated when changing first name or last name
  • [ADM-310] - Cannot create user with the swedish letter å in his full name (given or surname).
  • [ADM-311] - Group deletion broken in Chrome
  • [ADM-321] - WebApp 1.3.x is broken in Z-Admin installs on RHEL/CentOS


  • [ADM-303] - WebApp password change plugin: Icon missing


  • [ADM-300] - Document that Ubuntu installations need the universe repository enabled
  • [ADM-312] - Update bundled WebApp to the latest version
  • [ADM-315] - Update yaffas docs on for 1.3.2
  • [ADM-317] - Update to z-push 2.0.7
  • [ADM-318] - Update to WebApp 1.3.1
  • [ADM-319] - Update to ZCP 7.1.4 beta + Windows clients