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  • Updated: 2011-5-6
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Enable mobile phones to sync with the ZCP

Full description:

Z-Push is an implementation of Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol which is used 'over-the-air' for multi platform active sync devices, including Windows Mobile and active sync used on Apple's iPhone, Androids, Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones.

Open source Z-Push enables any PHP-based groupware package to become fully syncable with any ActiveSync-compliant device.


Release notes:

Hi all,

today we have released the Z-Push 2.2.2 final version (build 1981).

Important notes

This version contains several bug fixes and enhancements.

We had to disable checking of notifications validity in Ping. This will generate additional requests, because ping will reply on all received notification regardless the sync interval.

It is now possible to use Outlook 2013 via ActiveSync with Z-Push. Please be aware that this functionality is not yet ready for production use, but is meant as a preview. We are aware of several missing features in Outlook via ActiveSync, like no availability of free-busy data, missing reply & forward flags of emails and the missing Global Address Book (GAB). We have several ideas and plans how to fix these issues.

Android devices with Cyanogenmod 11 should be able to sync now.

The issue with faulty appointment status on iOS 8 was fixed.

Endless sync on Blackberry and some few LG devices was fixed.

Increased the default SYNC_CONTACTS_MAXPICTURESIZE value in config.php.

The issue with the duplicate "RSS Feeds" folder in Outlook 2013 has been fixed.

Setting folder display name to "unknown" if it is not available in the store (rare issue).

listfolders.php now accepts ssl certificates for authentication.

Some enhancements for z-push-admin.

The changelog since Z-Push 2.2.1 is available at:

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Z-Push dev team