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  • Updated: 2011-10-17
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A set of templates allowing full Zarafa configuration via LdapAdmin. Easy to create and edit users, groups, send-as permissions and Zarafa servers.

Full description:

LdapAdmin is an open source windows tool allowing easy click and edit management of an ldap tree. More information about this tool can be found at

The templates allow easy creation and editing of:

- Zarafa Users & Zarafa Contacts

- Groups and dynamic Groups

- Servers (nodes)

- Addresslists

The templates also include the setting of Email and alias settings, user's homeserver, send-as permissions and quota, resources and feature administration where applicable.

The multi-tenancy (companies) support is currently not implemented.

Screenshots in the package and available at:



Release notes:

first public release

Feedback highly appreciated!

The project download does not work. On some projects I am redirected to the home page, when i click on this link. On other projects I can download the file, but the filesize is 0 Bytes. 

grede 2743 days ago

The download should be available again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Felix Bartels 2740 days ago