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  • Updated: 2016-9-11
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Author Recommended: v.0.5.5

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This project provides SPK Packages for easy installing Zarafa on Synology NAS via Docker or Debian Chroot

Full description:

This project provides SPK Packages for easy installing Zarafa on Synology NAS via Docker.

Contributors: vbettag (Synology and Docker), fbartels (Docker and dpkg starter pack). Currently in beta-2 status aiming RC. Install at your own risk.

This SPK allows to install Zarafa easily over the Synology DSM interface. The package will include Zarafa Home Edition supporting 3 Outlook clients, Z-Push and getmail. This SPK reqires Synology models with Docker support on 64bit or as alternative for certain x86 32bit models the Debian Chroot package from SynoCommunity as container ('the box').

This project is an alternative approach to Julian Dohle's native Zarafa Package for Synology NAS with the aim to ship new Zarafa releases faster via pre-compiled packages for Debian including Zarafa Webmeeting which appears to be heavy to port and compile for Synology. Finally the package is tested to support Synology DSM 6.0.

Note the native Outlook support (for 3 users) is going legacy by May 2016 as per Zarafas new business model. Z-Push shipped with this package as 2.3.x is planned to provide the respective functionality for Outlook via ActiveSync.


The SPK is released via the Community Package Hub to support signed packages (add URL to Package Center trusted sources).

Please consult the Zarafa4h Wiki for details or raise your topics and feedback at the Synology Zarafa forum in English or German.

The other way of support is to Donate virtual beers or wine for the effort of scripting, testing and maintenance to [email protected]

Release notes:

Z4h v. 0.5.5 stable incl. admin-gui now also for DSM-6, upgrade option and other 'invisible' enhancements.