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  • License: Modified BSD license
  • Updated: 2014-2-3
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Import EGroupware data into Zarafa

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We released two PHP scripts to migrate contacts and appointments from an EGroupware database to Zarafa: These scripts are reading the information directly from an existing EGroupware database, and export contacts and appointments into CSV and ICS files. These files are formatted in a way so they can be imported by Outlook using the standard import tool without having to modify field mappings.

Both scripts are released at our GitHub account under BSD license: egroupware2zarafa on GitHub

These scripts have been tested using a productive EGroupware database having 3200 contacts and about 10000 appointments that got exported to file. Afterwards both files got imported by Outlook 2010 into accounts on a Zarafa 7.1.4.

Update: For every account an own ICS and CSV file gets created.