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  • License: GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3
  • Updated: 2013-12-17
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Plugin to enable desktop notifications for webapp

Full description:

Plugin will show desktop notifications when new mail arrives instead of showing in browser notification, for this notification to work webapp should be opened in browser

How to install

1. If you want to use this plugin with production / debug version of webapp then please download project from here

2. If you want to use this plugin with source copy of webapp then you can download source version from github

3. Extract contents of this plugin to <webapp_path>/plugins directory

4. Give read permissions to apache for <webapp_path>/plugins/desktopnotifications directory

5. Restart apache, reload webapp after clearing cache

6. If you want to enable this plugin by default for all users then edit config.php file and change PLUGIN_DESKTOPNOTIFICATION_USER_DEFAULT_ENABLE setting to true


How to enable

1. Go to settings section

2. Go to Plugins tab

3. Enable desktop notifications plugin and reload webapp

4. Go to Desktop Notifications tab of settings section

5. Click on request permission button

6. Click allow in popup that is shown by browser

7. One more step would be to select checkboxes for which you like to enable this functionality and then apply settings

8. Bingo! you are ready to use cool desktop notifications


How to disable

1. If you ever intend not to use this plugin then perform below steps to restore normal process

2. Uncheck both checkboxes to revert to default notifications of webapp

3. Disable plugin from plugins tab of settings section, apply settings

4. Revoke permissions from browser for showing desktop notifications (check with google)



- Currently only new mail & reminder notifications are supported

- Feedback/Bug Reports are welcome

- if anyone is good at creating icons then please help me add a good icon to desktop notifications tab (credits will be given)


More Info:

Source Code:

Note: this plugin is only supported in webapp above v1.4

Release notes:

1.1 (17th Dec 2013)

  - add support for reminder notifications

  - move to a separate category for settings

  - play audio when notificaion appears

  - focus webapp when clicking on notification


1.0 (18th Nov 2013)

  - Initial version supporting basic notification for new mails