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  • Updated: 2014-5-15
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Import and export Ical calendarfiles directly in WebApp.

Full description:

This plugin allows you to import and export Ical files directly in WebApp. So there is no need for curl anymore! You can choose the calender into which you want to import your ics file. If you do not want to import all events, just select those you want.


Since version 1.2 you can manually select the timezone of the imported events, if it doesn't get detected automatically. You can now import/export calendars from the public store too!

Since version 2.0 it is possible to import mail attachments directly to your calendar!

Since 2.0.5 there is a new Settingswidget to make configuration easier.

Since 2.1.0 it is possible to subscribe to external ics calendars.


Tested with exported Google ics files.

Release notes:

calendarimporter 2.1.0a:

 - ics sync is now implemented, currently in alpha state

Hi Chris,

I am trying to subscribe to ics calendar but I do not see the option for it.

I have the latest version 2.1.0a installed on webapp 2.0.2.

Is there a documentation somewhere on how to use it?

Thank you

Robert 2175 days ago

Hello Robert,

I was just looking for this as well as I wanted to give this function a test. You can find this in the personal settings of your user when opening the calendar settings. Don't forget to create the cron for sync.php.

Felix Bartels 2101 days ago

Hi Chris,

I have just installed your plugin and it worked great for most of my ics files.

But I still have a problem as recurring events ( are not imported correctly. Do you plan to implement this in future?

Best regards,

braball 1903 days ago

Since Zarafa Webapp 2.2.0 final i get an Http 500 Internal Server Error pop up when trying to import / open ical file

is there a fix for that



externa 1712 days ago