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  • Updated: 2012-10-22
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Keep your inbox clean by providing a button to quickly move messages to a certain folder

Full description:

This plug-in allows you to quickly move messages to a single, preconfigured folder. This makes it easier to work through your e-mails if you work with a "Getting Things Done" methodology.

After installation, you can enable the plug-in. Then go to the WebApp Settings application, and select a folder (located on the "Plugins" page). When you have selected a folder, then a button appears on the tool bar of the preview panel, and in the context menu of the Mail application.

Release notes:

Initial release.

Thanks. It's quite useful, although the button is on the furthest possible place on the screen. I would find it more practical in the toolbar above the mail list.

staeff 2675 days ago

Hi, this is a great idea. Is this plugin compatible with webapp 1.3 and the upcoming 1.4?

I tried to install it in webapp 1.3.1. I copied the plugin (extracted zip in the zip) to /usr/share/zarafa-webapp/), but I can't "see" the plugin in the advanced webapp-settings. Nor can I find the button when enabling the plugin globally through config.php ...

Kai 2589 days ago

Hello Kai,

Did you log out of webapp first? When you did, you should go to settings and find it there. Once you have configured an archive folder, you will be able to see the button in the Mail screens.

Ivo Timmermans 2588 days ago

Hi Ivo,

yes, I logged out webapp and also restarted apache.

I can see and enable pimfolder - but I don't get the plugin-setting. After enabling zdevelop, I see the plugin main button in the settings page. But it is empty. And, as soon I disable zdevelop, the main plugin button disappears ..

Any idea?

Kai 2585 days ago