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Arkeia Software was the first company to offer a professional network backup solution for Linux environments.

Full description:

Still delivering the deepest support for Linux and other platforms, Arkeia has extended its offering to provide powerful data protection software including Arkeia Network Backup and Arkeia EdgeFort, an all-in-one backup appliance product line.


Arkeia and Zarafa have worked together in order to put in place a flexible backup and disaster recovery solution for Zarafa groupware servers. This solution is described in detail in the Arkeia Forum. It can combine Arkeia MySQL and LDAP modules in order to perform hot backup of Zarafa server to avoid any service interruption.

Arkeia supports Zarafa application data backup on all the available Linux platforms, namely Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE, and Red Hat servers.

Manual of the ingration: 

Arkaia Backup.pdf