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  • License: GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3
  • Updated: 2013-2-11
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This plugin allows you to place calls via PBX directly from within the WebApp.

Full description:

This is a plugin for the Zarafa WebApp enabling a user to originate phone calls to contacts or GAB entries from within the WebApp. In order to use this plugin you need to have a PBX like Asterisk or Freeswitch running. If this is the case this plugin works as follows:

1. from an address book entry's context menu, a contact's context menu or the contact details screen the user can invoke this plugin

2. in the upcoming dialog the user can enter/select the phone to use for calling as well as one of the contact's phone numbers to call to

3. submitting the selected phone and number the plugin originates the call

4. The PBX rings the entered phone and as soon as picked up the connection to the selected number is initiated. 

Release notes:

--- Changelog ---


-Plugin now works with WebApp 1.4


-Added a button for direct calls to the main toolbar (see config.php for how to enable it)

-Integrated new WebApp 1.3 Notification system

-Added new icons for context menus as well as toolbars


-Added ABOUT notice as supported by WebApp 1.3


-Plugin is now also accessible from global address book and the contact details screen.

-Fixed some localization issues

-Added Freeswitch event socket interface to place calls


-Added an CLI interface to place calls e.g. via Freeswitch.


-Fixed an issue preventing the preview function from working

-Prepare call dialog now shows numbers in a normalized way (as submitted to asterisk)


-Plugin now works with WebApp 1.2


-CallerID is now set to display the callee's number.


-Initial version.