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  • Category: admin
  • License: license:commercial
  • Updated: 2013-6-12
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LDAP Account Manager Pro (LAM Pro) is a web GUI to manage different types of accounts in a LDAP directory. Besides Zarafa it can manage e.g. Unix, Samba and Asterisk accounts.

Full description:

LAM Pro manages Zarafa users, groups and server entries. It is possible to create multiple accounts at once via file upload. It is possible to setup default values (e.g. for e-mail quota) and all entries may be exported as PDF files.

All Zarafa attributes can be managed. This includes e-mail aliases, quota, resource settings and options (e.g. admin). LAM Pro supports Zarafa's OpenLDAP and Samba 4 schema.


LAM Pro provides an easy-to-use administration GUI to manage your Zarafa entries. This allows persons without a technical background to create and modify Zarafa accounts. LAM Pro provides an integrated help system and abstracts from the technical details of LDAP. If needed power users may still directly edit LDAP entries via the integrated LDAP browser.

You may also manage other account types at the same time. E.g. if your users are also part of a Samba domain or need an Unix account.

License:  Commercial

Compatible Zarafa versions:  6.40.X, 7.0.X, 7.1.X



Roland Gruber Softwareentwicklung

Release notes:

LAM now supports 2-factor authentication via privacyIDEA. The font for PDF was changed to DejaVu for better readability and more characters (e.g. Cyrillic).