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  • Updated: 2013-5-30
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Outlook Profiles are easy to handle. At least if only a few users in an organization will need to get help by the IT-support staff to set them up. "Outlook Profile App" and "Outlook Profile Mechanics" can help to lower the administration effort.

Full description:

The Outlook profile tools developed by it25 are designed for the automated handling of the settings of Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010. Transport-, Store- and Addressbook providers can be configured in a flexible and maintainable way. At the moment the primary providers for Zarafa, MS Exchange and Scalix are supported.

Outlook Profile App (free for use)

This tool is able to configure Outlook profile settings for one mailbox per profile (principal store).

For Zarafa, the certain options, like username, servername, caching and security are configurable. For the full list, refer to  "olkpapp.exe -h -v -t ZARAFA6".

Some Outlook presets can be overwritten if defined in a configuration files.

In addition, "Outlook Profile App" can handle Outlook Profiles in different ways, like deleting all existing profiles, create additional profiles and switch on the profile prompt when starting MS Outlook. The list of available option can be obtained from the help ("olkpapp.exe -v -h").

The lastest release of "Outlook Profile App" can be downloaded at

Outlook Profile Mechanics

In addition to the capabilties of "Outlook Profile App", "Outlook Profile Mechanics" is equipped with several useful features for larger organisations:

  • ability to attach additional mailboxes already during the profile creation
  • ability to add PST-files to a profile during the profile creation
  • ability to list configured additional mailboxes and PST-files to allow recovery of the settings.

A trial version of "Outlook Profile Mechanics" is available at The Trial has the same functionality as the commercial version of "Outlook Profile Mechanics" but will always prepend a "DEMO" string to the created profiles.




The most current version is 2.2, released in May 2013

For further informations please contact us at the it25 contact page.